By Rex O’Rourke,

New York, N.Y. – Nuthin’ worse than being scooped, which is exactly what happened to me, as I too wanted to write my 2010 predictions. Yesterday’s post is a tough act to follow, yet after last year’s look into the crystal ball, I feel like I must try it again. As none of you recall, I did have the Yankees winning it all (over the Astros… oops) and the Steelers hoisting the Lombardi (over the Giants… double oops) so I feel somewhat vindicated. As for this year’s prognostications, they are as follows:

Alabama will win the National Championship and Nick Saban will immediately hold a press conference to announce that he’s staying with the Crimson Tide. He will then, of course, resign, to go back to the pros.

The Arizona Cardinals will defeat the San Diego Chargers in the Super Bowl, the stands filled with retirees on fixed incomes. Following the game, with the stress being too much for the early bird crowd, and many up way past their bedtimes, seven seniors will tragically, finally, “Run out the Clock”.

A bunch of people no one ever heard of will descend on Vancouver for two weeks in February. Americans will dominate the sports derived originally from sketches on Jackass. The more traditional events will be dominated by Europeans in tight clothes.

The Chicago Black Hawks will defeat the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup finals in a battle of two original six franchises. The New Jersey Devils will get bounced in the first round and the Rangers and Islanders will play golf.

Having predicted Georgetown (oops again) to win the NCAA hoop crown last year, I’ll keep it in the Big East and go with Syracuse to win it all. And no, St. John’s will not make the tourney but will make the NIT finals.

The New York Knicks will make the playoffs, as the eighth seed, with 38 wins. The New Jersey Nets will knock the Miami Heat out of the playoffs on April 14th, thus costing the Knicks a lottery pick, while securing their 12th win!

Our national pastime will see few surprises this year. Big payroll will mean big success. The Mariners will make the playoffs by winning the AL West. The large market Dodgers, Yankees and Red Sox will all make the playoffs. Florida will win the NL East and the Reds will win the wild card as the Cards take the division. The Twins will round out the elite eight. In the playoffs it’s Red Sox over Twins, Yanks over Mariners, Dodgers over Reds, and Cards over Marlins. The Yanks and Dodgers will return to the Series and The Bronx Bombers will repeat. Sorry folks! The truth hurts!

Deadline is approaching so quick picks today. The Bengals (+10) over The JETS, The Eagles (+3) over The COWBOYS, and The CARDINALS (-3.5) over The Packers. I stand at 27-18-3 for the year.

Happy New Year,

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