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TAOS, NEW MEXICO -The good doctor is getting over his college football withdrawal symptoms, and his pain at watching TCU play like ten pounds of crap in a five pound bag, by doing some shredding in Taos. Figured I might as well do the Texas thing; When in doubt, or bummed out, get in your car and drive 10 to 12 hours headed west. So, Taos it is.

A few things I love about mountain sports include the speed and thrill of the decent, fresh air, high alpine environment – and the fact that they are pretty dedicated to partying. Bode Miller, the crazy boarder dudes and even ol’ Billy Kidd are all known as much for their damn the torpedoes ethos both on AND off the slopes. Hey, this is a sport that has après ski, which is a fancy frog way of saying, Party on, Dude!. And they ain’t playing Bob Marley music by the lifts just because they like the beat.

So, while inhaling some fresh mountain air and well… let’s just say – inhaling deeply – I figured it would be a good time to go over the favorite pastimes of all maniacal sports fans everywhere; Latest Rumors & Innuendo.


Rumor Numero Uno: Pete Carroll to the Seahawks. After a decade of getting Compton and West L.A.’s best gang-bangers to dominate the college football scene, the talk is that Sneaky Pete and his perfectly coiffed silver hair are heading back to the NFL. Given that the last time he was there he had a giant can o’ whup ass opened up on him, makes me think that he may be a glutton for punishment. Or maybe just convinced that coaching the Jets is the pro equivalent of coaching Baylor; a no win situation.

Rumor Dos (notice how I’m using the native New Mexican language? Uno mas’ cervesa, por favor seniorita!) Metsies get active. That’s right, the Mets get nutty in the free agent market and pick up Orlando Hudson, Joel Pinero, Bengie Molina and Ben Sheets. Yes, the Mets so-called brain trust will get aggressive and go after the available bodies still on the market. The Mets can get rid of Castillo by grabbing Hudson, who is available for a decent price. They have the pocketbook for Pinero, whose style would fit CitiField. Molina and the club have already traded offers and someone has got to take a chance on Sheets. Why not the Mets?


Rumor Trece: The Knicks & LeBron James . It’s been close to forty years since Clyde and Willis Reed and his battered knees brought a championship to the fans of the city game. And King James would indeed reign supreme in the city that never sleeps. Not only that, but he would able to get some cool new tats. Do the Knicks have the cojones to belly up to the bar in The LeBron Sweepstakes?

Rumor Cuatro. Tiger Woods’ Room With A Hugh. Hefner takes the prowling Tiger in and he parties like a rock star and wins The Masters. Okay, only The Masters part is a rumor. Am I the only one who used to hate the guy when he acted like a male version of a Stepford Wife, but kind of digs him now that I know he’s just a flawed slob like me? Well, not just like me. He handles those sand shots a hell of a lot better.


Rumor Cinco: Pitt leaves The Big East and joins the conference that can’t count, the Big Ten. NCAA rules say you can have a playoff when you have 12 teams. Since the Big Ten now has 11, and would love the extra revenue a championship game entails, they are looking to raid one of the other conferences for a team. The noise in The Burgh is that it will be Pitt, bringing back the old rivalry with Penn State and Papa Joe Paterno, who resembles the angry old guy who keeps the kids wiffle ball when it lands in his yard.


Hmmm… Time to head over to the steeps and float on down the West Face. Hope I gave all you Matt Heads some gristle to chew on for a while.

Peace out…Doc Diz.

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