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NFL Picks, Notes, Nudes, James McCann, Western Michigan Miracle

December 13, 2020 Matt McCarthy 0

NEW YORK, NY – Okay, there will be no nudes today. That was just a click-bait tag to pique your interest on this Cheesy Bruin […]

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Angry Ward Wednesday: A-Rod Eyes Mets, Greg Olsen Should Retire, and a Fun Day for Felons

February 19, 2020 Angry Ward 0

BRONX, NY – If you came here today looking for more Astros bashing, ruh roh, I’ve decided to give it at least a one-day hiatus. Not […]

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Monday Morning QB: NFL Playoffs, KC Comeback, Never More Ravens, Strong San Fran, Gritty Green Bay

January 13, 2020 Junoir Blaber 0

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday! It was another late night for me recapping the NFL Playoffs for my devoted followers and supporters. The […]

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Snap-Of-A-Finger Sports Edition: Colts, Mets, Jets Impacted In Snap

September 2, 2019 Cheesy Bruin 0

BLOOMINGBURG, NY – Just like that, the unofficial end of summer is here and along with it there are sports-related stories that have seemingly come […]

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Angry_Ward Calhoun, Trump, Green Bay Packers, Meet_The_Matts

Angry Ward Wednesday: Packers Out, 2017 Almost Over, Mets Still Meh

December 20, 2017 Angry Ward 0

NEW YORK, NY – It’s December 20th, if you’re reading this right now you clearly are tired of making believe that you’re working (most definitely) or […]

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A Tale of Two Cities: Dr Diz on Seattle vs Boston & Cheating Coaches

January 22, 2015 Dr. Diz 22

FORT WORTH, TX –  It’s Super Duper Bowl time again, when America gets to watch some football squeezed in between commercials, while chowing down on […]

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Angry Ward Wednesday: Where Are You Watching the Super Bowl?

January 29, 2014 Angry Ward 30

NEW YORK, NY – Super Bowl XLVIII (which is both a roman numeral and Rob Ryan’s underwear size) is only days away and New Yorkers […]

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May 15, 2010 Junoir Blaber 34

by Junior Blaber HEIGHTS OF THE NORTH CROWN, SOVEREIGN REPUBLIC OF BROOKLYN: The people that really only know how to write about the money men […]

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January 9, 2010 Dr. Diz 31

by Doc Diz TAOS, NEW MEXICO -The good doctor is getting over his college football withdrawal symptoms, and his pain at watching TCU play like […]

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