Someone say toxic?

NEW YORK, NY – This week I learned a few things, including that when a site changes you should check out your ability to write a post before the stroke of midnight – when said post is supposed to go up.  That said, there are a few other things I learned this past week in the world of sports. Some are from my recent completion of the Nautica NYC Triathlon, and others are just sports observations in general.  Enjoy!

That Toxic Glow: Despite swimming in the Hudson just Two And A Half weeks after raw sewage was piled in it, I have not become The Toxic Avenger.  I did, however, complete the entire NYC Tri with some sort of schmutz underneath my nose… which was nice to find out about at the end of the race.

You Know Your Swim Isn’t THAT Bad When…you end up out of the water with people who started in the waves before you.  It’s also not too bad when you dodge a kayak to the temple.  You get points for keeping your cool and having a competitive swim time – just call me Dana Torres.. who the f*ck knew?!  BONUS Points for coming out with your LIFE and for NOT freaking as they wheel someone past you on the bike out on the gurney.  True story.  Condolences to those two who lost their lives in this swim.

Like A Bike Outta Hell:   Note.  If you CANNOT ascend a tiny hill out of transition from Riverside Park without falling off your bike or stopping, you have no business being in a tri.  To the FORTY people who did so on the hill starting out, me and that other woman screaming “WHAT THE F*CK!  MOVE TO YOUR RIGHT!!  WHAT THE F*CK!!” are lookin’ at you.  And I’m sorry.. did you NOT understand what ‘ON YOUR LEFT!’  meant the first THREE times I screamed it at you while flying down a hill at 36.2 MPH on a piece of metal with tiny tires?   And to the Latin Lover, #351 who came past me and said “Lookin’ good Number 2193.'” I’m guessing you were checking out my ass.  Good for you. I was too tired and beaten down to be bothered giving you the glare and actually, it made me smile. Go figure.

I left cookie's in the oven!

Running In Soup & What Friends Are For: When running immediately following a 25-mile bike ride in the TEEMING rain, the sun WILL come out blazing and suck up all the water directly into the air, rendering it instant NYC Sauna.  When you go to run your 6.2 miles in this, there is no way to stop the sweat, or the pain.  And, there is no way to stop true friends from coming out and braving the elements to see you do your first Olympic triathlon.  (Angry Ward, I’m talkin’ to YOU!)   AND A friend who goes the EXTRA mile is one who will wipe the residual Hudson slime and sweat off your the chair you leave when you finish brunch.

And in case you think “Wow.. Cookie does triathlons.  I could NEVER do that.  I mean.. maybe… but the SWIM.  I couldn’t do the swim!”  Here is something to change your mind.  Watch CAREFULLY.

And with that, I’m off to do a shorter Sprint distance tri this weekend in West Point on Sunday… in the rain.. again.   Tough it out kids.  I do.

The Public Professor, back from his Drinking Triathlon, tomorrow.

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