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RAIN-ZONE, CT –  Today marks a week since I got power back.  For those of you who don’t recall, I was without power for six days.  SIX DAYS. With two mini-Cookies under foot, NO electricity and NO running water (that means no flushing folks!), that equates to about FOUR LONG YEARS.  It’s a miracle I’m alive, though I do still have a slight nervous twitch.

Joe Pa Wonders What Hit Him

But I’m lucky… considering. My 87- year-old Aunt Selma was banged up in May in a car crash on her way to Fire Lake, when her 90-year-old driver blacked out and had a low-speed-impact with a tree. Sort of like Joe Paterno (Pennsylvania’s Pope) had on the sidelines. This banged up my devil-may-care attitude, no-seatbelt-wearing Auntie up to the tune of cracked ribs, pelvis and a fractured tibia.  Indeed, this would have KILLED any other 87- year-old, so you know I come from some really good f*cking stock. But I digress…

Ma Cookie headed up to Pennsyltucky to collect my Aunt from the nursing home and settle her back into her Kingston, PA apartment. Kingston you say? No ganja there! As luck would have it, the Susquahana River (goes from NY to PA) is flooding over it’s banks, wreaking havoc everywhere. And GUESS what city was ENTIRELY evacuated???  KINGSTON!  So now my Aunt Selma is safely in NYC at my Ma Cookie’s house. I’m taking over/under bets on who survives the weekend.

Ricky likes the Chronic

All this got me to thinking about how lucky I am. My cup runeth over really. And while it’s not as much as say, the ample Lori Levinescups, I’ve got it pretty good. And so, here are a few things I’ve been pondering as of late that remind me I’m a pretty lucky gal:

* The premiere of the new fall TV season!!  As much as I was enjoying nerding out with the SyFy Channels  running of Mad Max and Blade Runner, I really have no business staying up that late, so I’m thankful for some sleep.

* Football Season!!  I’m thankful for dudes yelling at each other, the TV and the teams they speak of in the proverbial ‘WE’ (‘We shoulda won that game man!’).  I’m thankful for dudes carrying large amounts of beer into my house and I’m thankful for a reason to occasionally indulge in some buffalo wings.

The End of Baseball Season!!  No. I haven’t lost my mind. I LOVE post-season baseball (naturally, I’m a Yankee fan and we’re two games up… HOLLA Diff!) and I’m REALLY tapped out on my Fantasy Baseball League. In fact, I took my life back and summarily ignored it about ten weeks ago. (You’re welcome fellas.)

TENNIS!!  Is it over yet?  No?  Soon?  I haven’t cared about tennis since Patrick Rafter asked me to help him pick up his balls.  But you know, I do feel fortunate because that Venus Williams did have to withdraw because of her auto-immune disease which causes fatigue and joint pain.   And she’s just got millions at her disposal for the best doctors in the world and she gets to do what she LOVES and plays a SPORT for a living and if she had a power outage for SIX DAYS, she’d have a generator… Uh… scratch Venus from the list.


Controlling Short Matt’s Word Count:  People, I’m way over five hundred words.  That means, I wrap this up abruptly and without regard for flow.  So, I leave you with these two random bits:
1) Angry Ward Wednesday mentioned missing the alcoholic Pat Sumerall as we all are made to suffer Joe ‘I Don’t Know F*ck’ Buck (patent pending). It got me to thinking… Pat Sumerall and Entertainment Tonight’s Pat O’Brien. Separated at birth or at the bar?
2) Speaking of CUPRUGBY World Cup. I say, All Blacks  win it all. You heard it here first.  When you visit New Zealand and hang with a bunch of Kiwis, you’ll understand EXACTLY why.

The Public Professor or Akim Rinehardt, tomorrow.

Enjoy the weekend kiddies.  Hugs.  Cookie.

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