Cookie’s Corner: Our Favorite Leftovers; Posada, Romo, Sandusky, Ryan

Mr. Cookie & Kraut

TRIP-TOPHAN CENTRAL, CT – Another successful Thanksgiving. I managed to travel without incident with five of my homemade pies and three boys (two I spawned, one I married) and  NYPD Cookie [my brother] deep-fried two turkeys to perfection. The highlights of the evening? My near 40lb three-year-old overcoming his fear of – and nearly tackling – my brother’s near ninety-pound giant Schnauzer, Kraut, and the over-served adults having dance competitions thanks to XBox Kinect. Good times.

Naturally, we left with leftovers.  And it got me to thinking, there are some tasty leftovers here we neglected and need to serve up here on Meet The Matts this day after Thanksgiving.  So here they are.  Hear me now, thank me later:

Sandusky Surprise:  It really ain’t no surprise the recent news is that Jerry Sandusky apparently has been accused of abusing one of his immediate family.  The man fostered EIGHT children.  Is it any surprise this allegation came out?  Sadly not. And sadder still… Eight Was MORE Than Enough in this case.

Dallas Cream Pie:  Cowboys fans everywhere… uh… very excited that Dallas pulled out the last minute win – thanks to their KICKER. This just in:  Tony Romo still sucks, Rob Ryan is still fat, Dallas Cowboys fans are still stupid enough to let these wins excite them.  Next.

Sunday in the Park with Pepper

Baseball… Still: Someone please chime in with how many days until Pitchers and Catchers Report.  Thank you.  Also, Detroit Tigers’ Justin Verlander wins Rookie of the Year.  Did we cover that? AND Jorge Posada said his return as a Yankee is not gonna happen.”  How did this news break and we didn’t hear these boards explode with anti-Yankee glee?

Occupy Pus*sies:  The NY Occupy Movement moved out of their tents, just in advance of the cold northeast temps settling in. The Occupy people can thank Mayor Bloomberg now for saving them from having to find an excuse NOT to brave camping in the cold.

Speaking of Occupied… the following photograph proves that this Pepper Spray Cop has been dealing with park squatters for MUCH longer than the 99% thinks.  Give up now people… and give us taxpayers back our parks.

Baby It’s Cold Outside:  Or at least it is here in the Northeast.  This is the second of the two new bikinis I got.  (I posted the first for Lori Levine in the last Cookie’s Corner.)   Now I need somewhere warm to go wear it.  Hey, West Coast Craig… you got a pool?

And now it’s late after lots of food and I’m off the deep end.  Enjoy your leftovers and a happy weekend to you all.  Up tomorrow, someone who needs a bit of reheating after his rager in Vegas, The Public Professor.


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