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HOLLYWOOD, CA – Before we start, I’d like to express my condolences to the Carter family and Mets fans everywhere on the passing of Gary Carter.  As a Yankee fan growing up in ’86, there’s no forgetting the Amazin’s and the key role Gary Carter played with that team.  Most assuredly, someone much better suited than I will pay a fitting tribute to him here on this site and as a sports fan who also feels this loss, I look forward to reading it.

This week, I thought I’d return it to a nice mix of celeb and sports news.  Sometimes when these weeks fly by (as they oft do while one is picking up last minute, nearly dead Valentine’s Day roses..and.. NO, we don’t want them) and looking FORWARD to the collective President’s Day three-day weekend (YES.. as someone born on George Washington’s bday.. that jyp pisses me off), well, things can get lost in the shuffle.  Here’s a run down of a few.. in case you missed ’em:

Adele Wins SIX Grammies:  After having surgery for a ruptured vocal chord or some such, British singer Adele, took the stage at the Grammy’s and sang her hit ‘Rolling In the Deep,’ to rousing reviews.   (THAT song should NOT be confused with THIS one, which is allegedly her ex-boyfriend’s retort to the song:

She also went six-for-six, winning Grammy’s for all the categories she was nominated in.   She also set a record for best imitation of a cow as she CHAWED gum in the audience like a FINE bovine, but overall give her big ups for handling the night pretty well considering the following news….

Whitney Houston…  still dead.  No one shocked. 

Tampa Bay Rays.. NOW MORE RIDICULOUS!!   As if enough people didn’t attend their home games if they weren’t in the post, this pussy sure should scare ’em away.  This is indeed worse than the Mets’ Jumbotron order of ‘Clap Your Hands!’ and the Yankees’ (thankfully) retired ‘Cotton Eye Joe/Joey.’  Yankees and Mets fans thank you for saving us with some pussy.

Lance’s Big Ball:  Yeah, that Lance.. Lance Armstrong had himself a BALL at Ironman 70.3 Panama, placing SECOND and just UNDER A MINUTE off first, behind champ Bevan Docherty.   Lance finished the swim, bike, run in 3:50:55. For those of you who don’t know, Lance is slated to do a few 70.3’s (that’s a half-Ironman to you) and one 140.6 (do the math people) at the Ironman World Championships in Kona this year as part of a partnership between Livestrong and Ironman.  As some of you MAY know, Lance started off as a swimmer and was a young triathlete before turning fully to cycling.  Your BIG takeaway here folks is that he swam 1.2 miles, biked 56 miles, and ran 13.1 miles…all in under FOUR hours.  And yeah.. that was his first time too.

Stop the LINsanity!  I think it was Tuesday before seeing Facebook posts like ‘LIIINNNNNNN!!!’ and ‘To LINFinity… and BEYOND!!’ that I decided to Google what this LIN business was about.  Naturally, when I realized it was about basketball, I sighed in relief knowing I wasn’t missing anything.  At least not this week.  But, this IS Lin’s week.  He’s outscored Kobe Bryant (tho that’s just ON the court, NOT off) and has made a few, VERY dramatic game winning baskets. (Thusly proving my point that you REALLY don’t need to watch anything but the last TWO minutes of ANY basketball game.)  OH!  And he’s a KNICK.  That means TWO things.  ONE.. he won’t be going to the playoffs, and TWO, he’s taking a page out of the book of NY’s current favorite sports son, Eli Manning.  

Speaking of the Super Bowl… yeah it’s over, but since I’m from NY (yes, I am a Broncos fan..don’t ask), we can still TALK about it here in NYC.  So… I thought I’d call to your attention, if you were a fly on the wall, how watching the Super Bowl with some of our gay friends might have sounded like.

And with that… I’m outta here and off to NYC for an evening of fine dining and entertainment.   If you see me out… buy me a drink.  If you get me two.. remember.. I might dance on a bar.  Come back tomorrow for everybody’s private dancer, The Public Professor. 

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