Get The Rubber Hose: Sandusky Details Emerge

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THE LOCKER ROOM – according the Attorney General of Pennsylvania, it turns out Jerry Sandusky was diddling boys as young as eight years old. And apparently, he also did his diddling far and wide; at least eight of the boys were molested right on the Penn State University campus, others were assaulted as far away as Texas and Florida, and he even managed to get a boy right in the kid’s own school. One youngster got it at the Alamo Bowl during Sandusky’s last game as a coach in 1999, while another was victimized during Penn State’s consecutive trips to Tampa Bayfor the Outback Bowl in Tampa from 1997-1998.

Okay, here’s where a (very) brief primer on the U.S. Constitution can be helpful.  Remember the Bill of Rights? Ring a bell? There’s ten of them; the original amendments that were tacked on a couple of years after the Constitution was ratified in 1789. We all know the famous ones, like freedom of speech, religion, and press (first) and the right to bear arms (second). But let’s take a quick glance at the tenth amendment, which reads:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

In English, that means the federal government can do explicitly what the Constitution says it can do; otherwise, the States are in charge of their stuff and the feds have to lay off. So don’t sweat the FBI coming after you for those unpaid parking tickets. Hell, could probably pop a cap in some mofo’s ass and they won’t show.  You break a local law, it’s the local cops and courts. You break a state law, it’s the state troopers and state courts.

Give it to him, Jimmy!

What does that have to do with Sandusky’s diddling? Well prior to the revelation of his Bowl boning, this was a strictly a Pennsylvania law enforcement matter. If it only took place in PA, then it’s PA’s affair. Hands off, feds!

But Uncle Sam can get involved if you break a federal law or if you’re crimes become a national issue by crossing state lines. So when all we knew about was Sandusky’s actions in Pennsylvania, it was the state of Pennsylvania that had jurisdiction.  But now that we’ve added Texas and Florida to the mix, the FBI is launching its own investigation.

First, New York’s G-Men took down the Bastards from Boston thanks to the Manning-Manningham Miracle in the Super Bowl; and now DC’s G-Men may very well be taking down the Man-Whore from Happy Valley because of the barebacking at the Outback Bowl.

Too bad they don’t still use rubber hoses. This lowlife deserves it.

Cheesy Bruin tomorrow – a day that has his Bruins battling the Rangers

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