Cookie’s Corner: Props Bets; The Sports/Celeb Edition

LAS VEGAS, NV – This week I was called to duty by one of my Meet The Matts favorites, Different Matt, to cover his slot. He’s in Vegas and likely doesn’t know his name  –  let alone know how to type. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Diff, as I did at the 2011 Meet the Matts Holiday Extravaganza, you know what a solid citizen he is.  Really.  I think he’s in the running for Nicest Guy In the World and Random Non-Famous Person I Most Want to Give a Hug To.  So… I had to.  And with me being the opportunist and bitch extraordinaire that I am, I thought ‘Ooh, I can have him lay down a props bet for me in Vegas.‘  And it got me to thinking that we needed to revisit some props bets. So, here’s Cookie’s Corner’s Props Bets: Sports/Celeb Edition. Enjoy.

Cookie's Corner

Albert Pujols’ Home Run Total Is In Single Digits Through June 1st:  10 to 1.

Matt Kemp’s HR and RB Total for the season trumps Pujols:  5 to 1.

Demi Moore Gets to Home Base with Justin Beiber:  2 to 1.

Deion  Sanders did NOT hit his wife and is not paying off everyone to keep mum about it:  100 to 1.

Katy Perry will make a song that is not an auditory offense: 1,000 to 1.

Aquaman Michael Phelps is entered in a LOT (that’s an actual number) of Olympic swimming ev

ents and only takes home four Gold Medals… deemed a resounding disappointment.. pot use speculated:  10 to 1.

Michael Phelps is cast as ‘Aquaman’ in an upcoming movie version within the next five years: 2 to 1.

Tan Mom will get a deal with a tanning salon by year end:  2 to 1

Lance Armstrong will place in top 5 Men finishers of the IronMan World Championships this year: 12 to 1 (I think he’s going to be better at the 70.3 distance and blow himself out on the bike for the run.)

Chance another NBA star will surpass Jordan Hill’s choking of girlfriend criminal act: 1 to 2.  That’s right.

Cookie will post another bikini picture as soon as the temps stay high and she can soak up some rays: 2 to 1

And that’s IT for me.  You want the Kentucky Derby odds.. hit their site.   There are some GREAT contender names in there… two Daddy (issues) horses (for me and Lori Levine) an Angry Ward MUST lay money on, ‘I’ll Have Another,’ a Grote2DMax wheelhouse winner, Dullahan and.. well.. how do you not like horses like I’m Done Talking and Hansen (‘Mmmm-BOP!’)  If you wanna know what horsies I’d lay money on, the unfortunate thing about my horse picking is that I have to SEE them before I can successfully pick them.   So what that means is… I’m good for nothing…unless you take me to the track and bring Angry Ward along.  Sorry kids.

Come on back tomorrow for a guy who is always lucky, The Public Professor.

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