Donald Fehr, The NFL, Renee Richards

Donald Fehr shouldn’t underestimate Montreal fans like goaltender Carey Price.

MTM HQ – There’s a lot going on out there in sports but the focus for me today is the NHL’s Donald Fehr, the NFL and a tennis-playing Doctor

Fehr Strikes Out
Remember Donald Fehr? He was the orchestrator of the darkest day in MLB history as Player’s Association Executive Director that led members to a work stoppage, killing the 1994 season – and more importantly – the post season & World Series. That murder of America’s national pastime, the Fall Classic, went unpunished. Yet, baseball fans have proven to be a very forgiving bunch – always going back to the ballparks across the U.S. after a few labor disputes.

Armed with the same title on the NHL players behalf, Mr. Fehr is seeking a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. And guess what? He’s threatening a strike and another pockmark on hockey, even while the stench of the 2004-5 cancelled season still wafts through the league offices.

Donald Fehr Fan, Cheesy Bruin

Canada’s national pastime—its Winter Classic and the Stanley Cup are at peril of being held ransom… again. And if there are any Montreal Expos fans among current hockey fans north of the border, Fehr better watch his step. The ‘94 strike was the death-blow to baseball in Montreal, as the organization couldn’t recover after their most successful season was awash during the work stoppage. I’m very Fehr-ful this man will cost born-crazy hockey addicts like me the happiness of a full hockey season.

NFL Exhibitions
It truly is exhibition season in the NFL as Matt Leinart still shows signs of being a horrible NFL quarterback. And replacement referees are making for some very entertaining viewing of an otherwise unwatchable portion of the football season. Trying to spot the ball at the line of scrimmage, start the play-clock, get in position to officiate and confer on calls all border on Vaudville acts. Mark my words, the average NFL game will last at least 10-15 minutes longer as a result of referee ineptitude and furthermore will cost a few teams a win during the NFL’s labor dispute with its ‘zebras’.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Not the ‘70’s hit movie of whose cast is synonymous with a death curse, but my brush with an sports figure. Let me explain: My youngest and most feral offspring, Riannon (yes, Fleetwood Mac), was born with a birth defect. As minor as a cleft lip and palate is in the large scope of things, when your kid comes out less than perfect it is a little scary. Another even lesser problem was the skin tag fusing the eyelids of her left eye which led us to a referral and business card of Ophthalmologist, Dr. R. Richards. At our office visit stood the doctor; a woman of great height, large feet (as I later observed), and equally large hands – noticed upon introduction. I put the pieces together and asked my wife in the elevator if she knew how and why Dr. Renee Richards was so famous. As a sports child of the ‘70’s, I explained… The sad part is how the woman’s professional merit is overlooked by her controversy and play on a tennis court. Anyway, Happy Birthday to Dr. Richards—a fantastic Ophthalmologist and person.

Come back tomorrow for an Encounter of Another Kind with West Coast Craig.

Did somebody say Winter Classic?

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