College Football Report: Ramblin’ Gramblin’ Reason Why BCS Teams Shouldn’t Play Smaller Schools & Picks

College Football Report: TCU Cheerleaders want your attention!
College Football Report: TCU Cheerleaders want your attention!

FORT WORTH, TX  – College football has officially kicked off here in Cowtown for the TCU Horned Frogs.

The team celebrated the renovation and reopening of historic Anon G. Carter Stadium with the ritualistic sacrifice of an overmatched, lower division foe…the Grambling University Tigers.

Grambling has a heck of a football history. It was the home of legendary coach Eddie Robinson, and has produced a slew of NFL stars.

But the Tigers, who won 8 last year, are a lower division team – FCS – than the Frogs, who are BCS. It showed. They were pasted 56 to zip. When you are smaller, weaker and slower at every position, you are generally in for a long, long day.

At least their famous band performed well. No hazing deaths either.

And heck, the TCU cheerleaders are always fun to look at (tops in the nation, along with USC’s, for the smokin’-like-salmon quotient).

Watching this beat down, along with many others though the years, has led me to the conclusion that the NCAA should step in and stop this stuff. BCS division teams should not be allowed to schedule lower FCS teams. It’s usually pretty much a joke, and the laugh is on the poor bastards out there for cream puff U getting their tails whupped just so their school can collect some money for their efforts.

I mean, how would you like to be playing for Savanna State? After being wiped out 84 to 0 by Oklahoma State in week one, they faced a Florida State team in week two as a 70 point underdog. Your read that right… the line was Florida State minus 70.

Florida State would win “only” 55 to 0… when the game was called midway through the third quarter due to lightening. This proves for you believers out there that God can be merciful and that Vegas can be capricious. But really, why let these things happen?

I know people will point out the occasional miracle victory… Appalachian State knocking off Michigan a few years back and Youngtown State beating a crappy Pitt team this year come to mind… but enough is enough. By and large these are glorified scrimmages where the big studs get to beat up on the little guys, which is just plain ol’ un-American.

So I say… stop the madness. If you’re in the big time, play big time. BCS division schools from the power conferences can always schedule other lower tier BCS divisions like the Sun Belt, MAC and WAC.  Going down to football sub division? It’s just lame.

What’s next, scheduling the Steelers to play Penn State as punishment for their sins?

Anyway, here’s a look at some key matchup for the upcoming week:

Southern Cal’s Matt Barkley looks like the prototype beach boy blond haired stud, straight out of central casting. He can play, too, which the geeks at Stanford will find out this week as the Trojans continue to roll….USC 41 Stanford 24

Speaking of roll, the Tide of Alabama, home to the most obnoxious football fans this side of a JETS tailgating party, take on an Arkansas team that is dropping faster than a gold diggers britches at an investment banker conference. The Hogs defense didn’t show up in a loss to Louisiana Monroe. This is Bammie. Ouch. Alabama 55 Arkansas 10

The Domers take on Sparty in a heartland slugfest. Take touchdown Jesus and the points… Notre Dame 24, Michigan State 21

Upset Special…Utah State beat a good Utah team, which went kinda unnoticed since it was a Thursday night game. Can the Ags make it two in a row for the WAC against the big boy power conferences? They play a Wisconny team who could not produce much O in a loss to Oregon State. Mormon farmers 17, Big Fat Dairy Farmers 13

That’s all I got for you…Whaddya got  for me?

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