Plaxo Award To Casey Pachall, Plus College Football Picks, Scarlet Knights

ARLINGTON, TX – Every now and then someone wins The Plaxo. This is the coveted award one get when you shoot yourself in the foot, hobbling yourself for all the world to see. This week’s winner from the College Football ranks comes from down here in Cowtown, at good ol’ TCU.

TCU’s starting quarterback, Casey Pachall, has been putting together a couple of seasons that have been making NFL scouts take notice. As a sophomore last year, he beat current NFL and TCU alum Andy Dalton’s single season passing record for the Froggies.

Leading the team to a 4-0 start this year, Pachall is fifth in the nation in passing efficiency, and posseses the toolbox that NFL scouts drool over; right size, gun for an arm and smarts. Well…maybe check on that last one.

Dart team goalie or greasy food fan?

See, Pachall got himself DUI’d Wednesday night… which came after a positive drug test a few months back. In that incident, his roommate also got busted for selling some reefer to an under cover cop by the TCU campus. Whoa dude, chill on the bongs.

Now, I’m no stranger to the hi-jinx that the average college numb-nut is prone to,  but Earth to Casey: You ain’t the average college numb-nut. You’re a guy with a potential multi million dollar contract dangling under your nose. Why muck it up? There are a ton of bars within walking distance of the TCU campus…the place is pretty much surrounded by them. You had to get in a car and drive around?

And for this you get your butt suspended from playing, which makes tomorrow’s TCU vs. Iowa State contest a heck of a lot more interesting… But you still win The Plaxo… Dummy.

Enough of that, here are some picks this week:
#8 West Virginny, a bajillion, #11 Texas, a bajillion minus one. Texas beat Okie State 41-36 last week. WVU beat Baylor 70-63. Who needs D? Whoever has the ball last wins…WVU won my coin toss.
#5 Georgia 40, #6 South Carolina 35. Dogs. Cocks. There’s a joke in there somewhere. Georgia’s another team scoring more points that the class brown nose. Head cock Steve Spurrier continues to win the Mr. “I hate everybody” Award, but his team comes up a little short and flaccid in this one. Cocks
#2 Oregon a bajillion, #23 Washington 10. Oregon’s uniforms are so ugly they make could make an Australian blush. They are also a scoring machine. Huskies find out if they are for real…they are not.
#12 Ohio State 10, #21 Nebraska 9. The people of the corn make their first trip to Columbus as a Big Ten member. The Buckeyes squeeze out a close one.
#9 Notre Dame 21, Miami 17. The luck of the Irish continues.
#15 TCU 21, Iowa State 14. Froggies win one with D .
UConn 21, #22 Rutgers 20. I previewed this last week…Scarlet Knights do another choke job against the Huskies… just like last year.

See ya at the game…

P.s… Check out Evan “Pickles” Achiron’s piece on the Jets crashing, also today.

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