NFL, Beantown Meltdown & No Dickey

crystal-ballBEANTOWN:  Spent the weekend in Boston.  Colder than the south side of a witch’s tit.  Why anyone lives there by choice is beyond me.  To deal with the frigidity of New England, I wore my Bronx Science sweatshirt.  Didn’t go there, but my mother taught there back when.  No one said nothin’ about it.

Damn straight.  They’re still shell-shocked from what went down last year.  The whole Bobby V fiasco was really one for the ages.  And when the new GM decided to just blow the team the F up?  Priceless.

We’re a long ways away from the hey day of Terry Francona and Theo Epstien.  That’s a fact.  But I didn’t have to say anything.  You could see it in their eyes.  They know it.  They’re runnin’ scared up there in New England.

And now they have no Bruins to keep them warm in the winter and forget their troubles.  The NHL is too busy committing hari-kiri.  Oh well.

And the Celtics?  Man, they’re old.

How old are the Celtics, you ask?  The Celtics are so old they fart dust.

All that really leaves then is the Patsies.  Pretty Boy Brady’s crew, led by that piece of human filth, Bill Belichick.

They’re still pretty good of course.  But they’re legacy is blemished.  That’s what happens when you don’t win a Super Bowl after you stop cheating.  And I got news for y’all.

They ain’t winning it this year either.

Boston fired McCauley Culkin
Boston fired McCauley Culkin

Did you see that game last night?  They were absolutely embarrassed in every aspect of the game during the first half and the opening of the second half.  I don’t know what was more shameful, their inability to consistently stop the retrograde offense trotted out by Bo Schembechler protogé and notorious dick (Angry Ward now confirms) Jim Harbaugh, or the way San Fran’s defense tossed them around the field for most of the game.

The league’s best offense met the league’s best defense, and the D got the best of it in no uncertain terms.  And at the same time, sh!tty New England D got run roughshod over by the shitty SF offense.

Simply put, New England was exposed.

Yes, they turned it around in the second half and staged a remarkable comeback.  But it fell short.  In the end, they were a day late and a dollar short.

So sorry Boston, this just really isn’t gonna be your year.  The halcyon days are over for the foreseeable future.

Enjoy the snow.

Elsewhere in the NFL, it’s becoming pretty clear that no one really wants to win the AFC North.  As of now, my money’s on Cincinnati, believe it or not.

Going bye-bye is what Dickey always does
Going bye-bye is what Dickey does.

Seattle’s on quite a little run, but I’m of the persuasion that beating up on bad teams is a good start, but not enough in and of itself.  I’d still be surprised if they earn a Wild Card and win a game in the post-season.  We’ll see how they fare against SF next week.

But as far as the G-Men go? My gut tells me they’ll turn it around, make the post-season, and rack up at least one victory.  Time will tell.

And a closing word to all the Mets fans at MTM: Your team ain’t worth Dickey.

West Coast Craig tells all tomorrow.

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