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These NFL Picks are looking up.
Cheesy Bruin
Cheesy Bruin

LAS VEGAS, NV – The last two weeks of a season are unpredictable; you don’t know which teams have packed it in for 2012 and who’ll be evaluating talent for 2013. As for squads involved in the “pre-playoffs” or must-win games, you can’t be sure who will “spit the bit” under the mounting pressure. But… With some digging and deducing we’re going to try and improve on a 2-2 week (still at 65% for the season) with these NFL Picks To Stuff Your Stockings With:

With holiday parties full swing, “double dipping” is frowned upon. But I’m going to do so for the first time this NFL season by selecting an underdog and UNDER in the same game. Angry Ward and I have been saying for some time now that the Atlanta Falcons and Baltimore Ravens are paper tigers cut from the same cloth. Look at their game-by-game results. Strangely enough, the Giants find themselves on the back end of consecutive road games versus both and fresh off of a 34-0 shellacking predicted here last week against Atlanta. Today the Jints stroll into Merry-land where Vegas have Big Blue a 2 ½ point favorite because of the Ravens most recent problems. By now you’ve heard all of the Giants time of year talk and how they play up to the opponent and dire situation and how they’ve been there and done that. Well, that’s all bullsh!t because they were the same 9-7 team last year that they are this year along with the rest of the mediocre NFC East. nfl-cheerleadersBaltimore is pretty much in the same boat as the Giants except for already having punched a ticket for the playoffs. But the motivation, if not necessity, of a home playoff game means winning the AFC North because this team flat out sucks on the road. If the Ravens are anything like the Falcons, they too, find a way to beat the Giants today. Ravens at +2 ½… The total may reach close to the 47 ½ but certainly won’t go beyond that. The Ravens seem to have continuity problems on offense along with injuries (deep-threat WR Torrey Smith) as is to be expected this time of year. The Giants need to show a better defensive effort than last week despite their own injuries. Given what’s at stake this will be a close-to-the-vest type of game rather than the offensive shootout the Ravens have gotten into with other NFC East teams. Count on the UNDER.

santats_300Chicago lost five of their last six and are now in a mad scramble for a wild card spot. Traveling to Arizona as 5 ½-point favorites should be a slam-dunk considering the Cards are coming off a home win versus Detroit—how the hell did they score 38 points in that one? I don’t care if Bob Avellini is QB for the Bears today. Chicago covers.

Horrible with the OVER this year…MINN/HOU OVER 43 ½.

$eason’s Greeting’s as you enjoy one of my favorite Xmas songs!

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