Blaber’s Blabberings: WC 2014 Qualifying, Money May fight, Mark Sanchez and Gareth Bale

may v caneloEL BARRIO, THE BRONX – I have been told I can preach about soccer and the World Cup, like the WC 2014 qualifying campaign, globally. Never did I imagine, I would be stepping in for a preacher. Preacher is on a mission of sorts and so like a good deacon, I have been called in to lead the Meet the Matts faithful. Follow me oh ye faithful!!

Let’s begin with the beautiful game, Soccer. It looks like Mexico for the first time since, lord knows when, may not qualify for the World Cup. In stunning fashion, Mexico went down to the USA 2-0 in Columbus, Ohio. Why that venue you ask? Well with the high Mexican-American population in the USA, it is tough to find a place where there isn’t a high Latin American population. Either way, going into the game Mexico had already changed their coach after 7 lackluster performances. What happens next will be interesting and may reshape North American and Caribbean Soccer for the next few WC cycles.

So this weekend features the Floyd “Money May” Mayweather v Canelo Alvarez fight. All Mayweather haters are rooting for him to lose. There are some of us, who think a loss would be great for his finances. The logic being, if he loses, then thousands more will tune in for the re-match. However, Mayweather is too prideful of a man to ever take a loss. Not to mention that Alvarez just may be his toughest opponent in a long time. I am rooting for Canelo for the sake of excitement but my mind is betting on Money May.

Headband Diva Sanchez
Headband Diva Sanchez

According to none other than Mark Sanchez aka the Sanhcise he won the QB battle. You know the Jets QB battle to see who would captain the Hindenburg of a franchise, the Jets tthis fall. They idea of him starting went to pieces as Rex Ryan  put him out there with the second team against the NY giants defense. Sanchez got hurt on a post pass hit and the position became Geno Smith’s.  The weird thing is Smith is not Rexy’s man but he is now stuck with Smith. Sanchez won’t be ready til the late in the season as doctors told him to wait on surgery.  So can Sexy Rexy and Geno Smith create a winner in NJ!?! Survey says “NO!!”

gareth-baleIt is only just that we start with football and end with football. Gareth Bale will likely start for Real Madrid this Saturday at left Back. This is important because it is the equivalent of the Yankees buying the leagues top shortstop and making him an outfielder. Bale can play left back as that is where he started his career but he became one of the best players in the world as a left wing so paying a kings ransom twice over for the position is hard to fathom. However it is Real’s money so they may do as they please.

That is it for now, feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for more blabberings from Cheesy Bruin.

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