Ebs’ Hot Takes: Clint Frazier, LeBron James, Philadelphia 76ers, Matt Harvey

WEST PITTSTON, PA – Covering the New York Yankees’ Triple-A affiliate, the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders, I see a lot of crazy takes on Twitter.

Like, even crazier than mine.

But the funniest part, and I saw a tweet the described this aspect of the Yankee fanbase perfectly, but the Yankees could win 161 games in a season and lose one and a good majority of the fanbase, or at least the ones I see on social media, would freak out.

When the Yankees lost two straight on Thursday and Friday, it seemed like the world was going to end.

Just take a deep breath. This team is really good. Enjoy it.

Here’s this week’s edition of Ebs’ Hot Takes.


Brett Gardner and Aaron Hicks aren’t going anywhere. The hottest take in YankeeLand right now is that Clint Frazier should be promoted and starting over both Brett Gardner and Aaron Hicks.

Let me be clear, this has nothing to do with Frazier or his ability and everything to do with the fact that Gardner and Hicks aren’t going anywhere. And the Yankees aren’t going to carry five outfielders any time soon.

Gardner is a leader in that clubhouse and the front office loves Hicks and his potential. Despite his ability and the fact that he deserves a promotion, Frazier is stuck in Triple-A until there’s an injury. Or September call-ups.

Trust in LeBron James. Was Game 1 ugly? You bet. But that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

You know LeBron’s going to figure it out.

Plus, the Boston Celtics struggle on the road. While this Celtics team is playing extremely well right now, I still have faith that the Cavaliers will be able to get it together.

People were counting them out after they lost two out of three to the Indiana Pacers, right?

The Philadelphia 76ers are going to add a superstar in the offseason. If you haven’t already, check out Derek Bodner’s piece on The Athletic. Because Brett Brown basically says the Philadelphia 76ers are going to pursue LeBron without actually saying they’re going to pursue LeBron.

It makes sense.

Look, if I’m LeBron, why wouldn’t I want to play in Philly? They have a stellar young core with some cap space. The Sixers and Celtics have the brightest futures, and he’s not going to Boston.

There’s also the report that James was checking out schools in Philly earlier this season.

Sunday’s report that the Sixers are interested in trading for Kawhi Leonard makes sense, too.

He’s the best two-way player in the league and Philly has the pieces to make it happen. It’s clear that there’s no future for him in San Antonio. At least trade Leonard and get something for him.

Matt Harvey will make the All-Star game. Just kidding! I find it interesting that Matt Harvey chose to go to Cincinnati and pitch for one of the worst teams in baseball over pitching in Las Vegas for a month or two.

It’ll be interesting to see how he pitches for the Reds and how much interest there is in him next season.

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Speaking of Clint Frazier, check out Episode 5 of Riding The Rails. Frazier was the guest.


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