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BLOOMINGBURG, NY – Yet another 2-2 mark against the spread last week to broaden my lackluster performance thus far. Legion of Boom, Jimmy_The_Greek Cheesy_Bruin Meet_The_Matts, FREE NFL PICKSAlas, this weekend’s games mark the beginning of the second half of this 2019 NFL regular season and I’m kicking things off with a never before released Lock Of The Century included in this week’s Cheesy Bruin’s Free NFL Picks. I won’t stop there so I will take the chance that it will be the only winner by selecting three other games.

FAVORITE There are two teams heading in opposite directions meeting in Cleveland today. The Browns have fallen way, way short of their expectations this year while the visiting Bills have inched their way to surprise status. Buffalo is 3-0 on the road while the Browns are 0-3 at home. Buffalo is 6-2 overall while the Browns are an opposite 2-6. Buffalo is 5-3 against the spread while the Browns are 2-6 to burn gamblers believing the hype. Cleveland has also lost four straight coming into today. Beg, borrow or steal to fund this wager I’m laying on you! Cash in your T-bills, sell your baseball card collection or your soul to the devil! The Cleveland Browns are favored in this game! The Cleveland Browns are favored in this game? Vegas knows something here to make the Mayfields a field goal choice. I don’t know how they can justify a team four games worse in the standings being favored at all. The Pick? THE LOCK OF THE CENTURY… CLEVELAND -3 over Buffalo

UNDERDOG In the process of finding their offensive game the Tennessee Titans have forgotten how to defend. Ryan Tannehill has momentarily resurrected his status as an NFL starting quarterback but will never be able to match the likes of a Patrick Mahomes – healthy, hobbled or rusty as he may be after missing a few games. The beauty of betting lies in the handicap and as I stated last week it’s hard to pass on more than a handful of points with home underdogs. The Titans have been very competitive at home thus far and I love the idea of grabbing those points. The Pick? TENNESSEE +6 over Kansas City

OVER There’s a game that’s all the rage and talk in and around NYC. The two locals fight for the Battle of New York at No Life Stadium where the J-E-T-S and Giants are a combined 3-14. Who wins this game? Your guess is as good as mind but lets talk about points being scored. The Giants have scored on lesser competition this year (Tampa Bay, Washington, Arizona, and Detroit) and Gang Green definitely fit the bill and give up a fair share. Gangrene is overdue to score and the Giants defense also sucks. The Pick? NEW YORK/New York (it’s a helluva football town) OVER 44.5 (Click for Blooper Reel)

UNDER Just a feeling is all I have on this one. The Pick? Carolina/GREEN BAY UNDER 47.5

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