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Yankees, Harvey Weinstein and Obvious Champs – Houston Astros

October 14, 2017 West Coast Craig 0

HOLLYWOOD, CA – West Coast Craig here, pitching in on another Saturday post and happy to talk about baseball.  Yankees baseball, in particular. As much […]

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Bellingers Go Round and Round: Clay Bellinger and Cody Bellinger: Father/ Son MLB Story

May 1, 2017 West Coast Craig 10

CHAVEZ RAVINE – They say you always remember the name of the kid who threw the hardest fastball growing up.  For me it was Ronnie Thomas… but […]

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What?! More World Baseball Classic Stuff?! Japan Techies, Puerto Rico Flash, Yadier vs Willie

March 24, 2017 West Coast Craig 14

SUNSET BOULEVARD – Hi folks, I’ve been enjoying my semi-retirement but was given reason to dust off my old MTM press credentials this week and […]

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Rams in LA, Vin Scully, Book of Mormon, Jay Mohr and More…

September 24, 2016 West Coast Craig 11

LA LA LAND, CA — Yes folks, West Coast Craig here, MTM reporter at large – literally – breaking like a hot Santa Ana wind […]

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Top 5 Sports Story Ever? Islanders Dynasty Secret: Softball Hero Glenn Ecklund

May 16, 2016 West Coast Craig 15

HOLLYWOOD, CA – This year’s Uniondale New York Brooklyn Islanders of Nassau County had a magical run. But it came to an end last week […]

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Kids Go to Dodgers Game Without Parents?!

May 2, 2016 West Coast Craig 11

NOTE: The MTM Editorial Staff changed the name of this piece; Yellow Journalism that would make Donald Trump smile. CHAVEZ RAVINE, CA – I got […]

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Another Vin Scully Puff Piece Worth Every Minute

April 18, 2016 West Coast Craig 20

VIN SCULLY BROADCAST BOOTH – Located at the end of Vin Scully Av, a legend is still at work on a busy sports weekend. And […]

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Opening Day! Time for Baseball Predictions re Cubs, Mets, Sabathia, Tanaka, Royals

April 4, 2016 West Coast Craig 12

CHAVEZ RAVINE – Another holiday Monday for me, and it’s my favorite one… Opening Day! It’s the time of year when lesser publications start publishing […]

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Goose Gossage Grouses, Keeps Rant Going

March 21, 2016 West Coast Craig 21

by special contributor Goose Gossage… TAMPA, FL  – Look, a lot of “words” have been attributed to me lately, many of them out of context, […]

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Promotional Daze: Funny MLB Fan Giveaways

March 7, 2016 West Coast Craig 15

SPRING TRAINING TOWN, USA – Baseball season is finally upon us; Spring Training is in full swing, and it’s time to earnestly look ahead to […]

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