Ebs’ Hot Takes: March Madness, ACC, Pac-12, Gonzaga, Syracuse

February 27, 2017 DJ Eberle 11

WILKES-BARRE, PA – We’re down to the last week of the men’s basketball regular season. At least for the Power 5 conferences. Many of the […]

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Ebs’ One Big Thing: The College Football Playoff

November 28, 2016 DJ Eberle 12

SITTING IN A MIGHTY TACO, NY – Even travelling out to Buffalo for a wedding and a Bills win won’t stop me from writing this […]

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Touchdowns for Jesus? Doc Diz re College Football Playoffs

December 5, 2014 Dr. Diz 32

FORT WORTH, TX – Down at Poag Mahones in the Fort…drinkin’ Rahr beer and discussing, with my fellow denizens of the night, the upcoming College […]

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