Touchdowns for Jesus? Doc Diz re College Football Playoffs


FORT WORTH, TX – Down at Poag Mahones in the Fort…drinkin’ Rahr beer and discussing, with my fellow denizens of the night, the upcoming College Football Playoffs.

We have 11-1 Alabamie at #1 Oregon, # 2, TCU at 11-1 as # 3 and Florida State at 12-0 coming in # 4.  Ohio State and Baylor, both at 11-1, are on the bubble for the Final Four.

Now why is an undefeated Florida State team, that won the national title last year and has now won nineteen in a row, number four?  That is beyond me.  Yeah, yeah, yeah…they have had a bunch of close wins.  But they keep on winning.  And winning, last time I checked, should count for something.  This is what happens when we give every kid a dang trophy for participating…we devalue winning.  Which sucks.

But I guess  that’s the beauty of college football.  The Big 12 has ten members.  The Big Ten has twelve members.  It’s kinda like Obamacare…where it’s not a tax it’s a fine…and no one really knows the rules but we just kinda, sorta go along with the program.


At any rate, the current situation may lead to a scenario in which two small religious schools from Texas play for the national championship. Heck, that  should make at least the Republicans happy.

How might that happen, you ask?  Simple.

Florida State loses the ACC championship game to Georgia Tech (not far fetched).   Baylor wins their last game against #9 Kansas State (in which they will be favored) .  Baylor jumps into that #4 seed.   Then TCU and Baylor take care of bidness and win the first round…and we have the Baptists of Baylor playing Texas Christian University in Jerry World for the national championship.  Praise the Lord.

Yee friggin Haw.
yee haw

The only thing better would have been if Notre Dame and BYU filled out eh final four…so we could tell whose side God is really on.  Awe inspiring.  In a good sort of way.  Touchdowns for Jesus.

Speaking of awe inspiring and God and all that stuff….TCU cheerleaders went by our tailgate as they led the band into the stadium last game…smelled like baby powder from 50 yards away.  Help me Jesus.  But I digress.

Well, here are the picks for the final weekend.

Baylor takes care of # 9 Kansas State 41-19 and makes a case for final four inclusion.

Wisconsin beats Ohio State, which is down to its third string QB, 24 to 10 int he Big Ten championship game

Bama kicks the crap out Mizzou 50 to 10 in the SEC championship.

Georgia Tech out lasts Florida State 30 to 27 to win the ACC championship.

And Oregon avenges their earlier defeat to Arizona, turning the table 44 to 24 to win the PAC 12 championship.

Going to see Charlie Robison tonight. He’s really cool. Here’s some of his music.

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