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After 10 weeks and a bye forced upon me by Hurricane Sandy, my NFL Picks record stands at 19-10 (65%). That’s pretty solid but I’m ticked about a sub-par  2-2 record in Week 10. To sooth any angst – and to make your experience more relaxing as you ponder what to gamble – I’ve included some easy-listening background music. Click a video at any time; it’s all Music To The Wallet:

Yes, it’s that bad in Jacksonville.

It’s not often, almost never to be precise, where laying 16 points with a favorite is a sound investment, unless we’re talking college football (as Dr. Diz will tell you) – or basketball. However, the Texans find themselves thus against the downright awful Jacksonville Jaguars. Frustration clearly has set in if you witnessed Jags Head Coach Mike Mularkey lose his head(set) during last Thursday night’s televised game over a non-reviewed touchdown play. If he’s not aware by now, you throw the red flag in your pocket and not everything in your two hands. Dreadful play and behavior aside, how the hell did this team keep things competitive against Green Bay several weeks ago? The Texans need little write up here and look like the class of the NFL – if Matt Schaub remains upright. No Maurice James-Drew, no contest. Gimme a “T” for Texans… Gimme a Texan win by 17.

Cincinnati travels to Kansas City for, if nothing else, a colorful match-up of orange, black, red, and yellow. For those of you old enough to remember 1970’s one-hit wonder Chris Rea, maybe I’m a Fool but I think it’s OVER… Over 43 ½ and here’s why:
 1) The perception is the Chiefs are a solid UNDER bet due to inept offense and failure to defensively make up for “lost points.”
2) KC is a 3-1 OVER wager at home thus far.
3) On the road and thanks to an offense desperate to overcome a leaky defense, Cincy is a 3-1 OVER bet.

For an unbeaten team, as the Falcons were before last week’s loss to the Saints, they weren’t getting the respect an 8-0 team normally garners from Vegas. There were games against lesser opponents where Atlanta found themselves as only slight favorites. Smart gamblers see this and take the points against the Falcons when the line is better than a touchdown. The Cardinals fly in from Arizona getting a ten-spot. This is based on A) Their travel, B) The 1:00 start time. C) Not being able to get out of their own way on offense. And D) Atlanta’s fall from the unbeaten ranks. The Cards defense is stout and the Falcons have problems putting teams away.  All of the above makes Arizona a sound choice at +10.

The UNDER selection this week is a roll of the dice. The Saint and Raiders often fail to read the opponent’s offensive plays, which is why the TOTAL is a whopping 55. The line could be 65 with Drew Brees firing on all cylinders and with host Oakland fresh off of yielding a billion points in their last two. However, I’m banking on New Orleans running the ball more and the Raiders to show some pride on defense so they don’t get embarrassed again. One (Raider) Nation UNDER a Groove.

The Public Professor and West Coast Craig, tomorrow.

P.s… For more superb NFL Picks, check out DJ Eberle over at

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  • EdwardNelson

    Is the base player wearing a Lydell Mitchell jersey?

    • Gorgeous George

      And in the Soul Train vid the guy dancing solo with the fro and vest has white pants that are so tight you can see the wrinkles on his balls. I bet McCarthy likes that. Take the Falcons. Falcons have bigger peckers than Cardinals.

      • Now Gorgeous George – you devil you… You of all people knows that beak size doesn’t matter in football!

    • Holy crap! Good get Nellie, indeed it is!

    • Ed! Good to see you! But Bert Jones just called. He thinks Lydell wore #26 as a Colt…

  • buffalobilly84

    How uncomfortable is that Santa? And his team is 8-1? Nobody likes a grumpy Santa! Da Bills won’t lose today… Why? Because they played on Thursday! haha

    • Big Fat Toad

      I think I’d be like St. Nick if that d-bag was staring at me. He’s got a baseball cap on backwards under his falcon head. What a douche… Jets will lose big Rams, Tebow will get more snaps.

  • Finns

    Your picks are making me rich.

    • If this is true, Finns I’m glad SOMEBODY out there is making money on these picks.

  • Yankee Joe


    • Shouldn’t you be more worried about how the Yanks try to rid themselves of A-Fraud and what happens to the team when Jeter can’t recover from his ankle issues?

      • Gentlemen, please! We can’t have this kind of vitriol here! Cheesy, your music choices are”acquired tastes.” And Yankee Joe, you have as much tact as do discernible taste… when it comes to baseball. Your hockey and football taste is exceptional.

  • Bet the farm against Johnny Rox’s Jets. They will lose big to Cam James’s Ram Cams.

    • Johnny Rox

      Way to go there Fred!

      Jets may SUCK, but at least they’re better than the Rams!


  • Gimme a T for Thelma. Woman made a wreck out of me. And gimme a C-note to lay on these games. Love it!

    • Knew your southern Baptist roots would love it, PP!

  • Doc Diz

    Waylon on a Sunday morning…I fel like ol’ Matt McConaughey in “Dazed and Confused’…awlllll riiiight…..yeah….

  • Big Fat Toad

    I’d bang those Jacksonville cheerleaders.

  • That dude with the Bird hat has issues!!

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