What’s next for Carmelo Anthony?


NEW YORK, NY – Carmelo Anthony made his decision Sunday, one day earlier than the deadline.

Where should Carmelo Anthony go?

Where should Carmelo Anthony go?

The superstar small forward is walking away from the New York Knicks, at least for now. Carmelo Anthony will be testing the free agent waters this summer for the first time in his career after opting out of his contract on Sunday afternoon. Being the second best player on the market, if LeBron James opts out, or the best player, if James stays in South Beach, Anthony will have a lot of suitors calling his name this summer. But which team’s the best fit for Anthony? Here are the three best situations Melo can find himself in next season:

Miami Heat: Of the three locations, the Miami Heat are the most unlikely landing spot for the Syracuse legend. But isn’t it fun to dream? A lot would have to happen in order for the Heat to keep their Big Three together and then add Anthony. All four players would have to take a pay cut, which isn’t that far-fetched considering James, Dwayne Wade, and Anthony all have nice shoe deals, cellphone deals, or other various lucrative sponsors. Aside from the money factor, this wouldn’t allow the Heat to sign a nice free agent big-man to play center, which was a weakness this past season. Still, if the Heat were able to pull off this move, how could someone beat them? And if you’re thinking Carmelo can’t and never will win an NBA Championship, you’re kidding yourself. Melo won a National Championship at a Syracuse, which is a much taller task than winning an NBA Championship. If Carmelo Anthony wants to win an NBA championship, going to Miami at all costs would be the smartest choice he can make.

He did it in college. He can do it in the pros.

He did it in college. He can do it in the pros.

Houston Rockets: If Carmelo wants to form his own Big Three like LeBron did with Wade and Bosh, Houston would be the place go. Would Anthony fit in Houston? Eh, maybe not, but he’d bring some scoring potential to an already talented line-up. Dwight Howard’s not necessarily a guy who will steal shots from Anthony, but James Harden could. It was evident during his time in OKC, that Harden can’t fit with another scoring threat like Anthony, but maybe Harden’s learned since he left the Thunder. If the Rockets can bring Anthony to Houston without having to let go of too many pieces, they could be a real threat in the Western Conference next season.

New York Knicks: Then there’s the Knicks. One reason alone for Melo to stay in Manhattan, would be to play for Derek Fisher and Phil Jackson. Jackson didn’t take this job for publicity, he’s here to win. Wouldn’t Carmelo want to be there for that? Sure, the Knicks won’t be a huge threat this year, but the Eastern Conference is so weak already that they could make the playoffs and try and go on a run. Look at the Atlanta Hawks this past season. The Hawks were an eight seed that pushed the Indiana Pacers to brink in the opening round of the playoffs this spring. You know Jackson and Fisher will have this team ready for the 2015-2016 season and if I’m Carmelo Anthony, I want to be apart of it.

If you were Carmelo Anthony, which team would you go to this offseason? 



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  • TRS99

    Carmelo Anthony proved on Sunday that he is much smarter than David Wright, who didn’t test the free agent market. He is forcing management to woo him. I say let him go, but he is doing the smart thing.

    • Excellent points! Our Big Al Sternberg/Fake Sandy Alderson hit upon Wright being dopey for signing… Check him out in the archives. And welcome to MTM!

  • JerryH3

    Too many times teams give players too much. Phil Jackson wants to win. He wouldn’t let Carmelo go if he thought he was worth keeping.

    • JH3, we are backing Phil 100%. If he let’s him go, then that’s okay. And like TRS99, welcome to Mattville.

  • DJ, thank you for not talking about that insufferable game of soccer. We forced ourselves to watch as much of that match as possible but the fiegned injuries, to the point of being stretchered off, or writhing in pain on the ground as though a compound fracture was suffered, were nauseating. Mrs. Beasley was especially sickening. What frogging bunk tile! Severe penalties need to be instituted before we can even attempt watching that suited-for-Bravo garbage.

    • SAF

      Matts, can you delete your above reference to footy, and see if we can go the full day without any mention of that abomination?

    • GrindingAxWalter

      Just wait til tomorrow!

      • You Suck

        Soccer sucks.

        • GrindingAxWalter

          If your You Suck and Soccer Sucks, you are brothers?

  • SAF

    DJ, can you help me understand your rationale for saying that winning a championship at Syracuse is tougher than winning an NBA crown?

    • DJ Eberle

      The NCAA tournament is a field of 64 with all single elimination games. It takes one upset to be knocked out of the tournament. With the NBA Finals, they’re each round is a series which allows you the ability to lose once or twice before you find your groove. In my opinion it is much harder to win a National Championship than a NBA Championship for that reason alone because it takes one loss and you’re done in the NCAAs and not the NBA.

  • GrindingAxWalter

    L James is the best regular season player in the game today.

  • AngryWard

    I haven’t seen today’s papers but can only assume they dealt with this story with the hed: MELO OUT. I don’t care where he ends up, as long as it’s not Golden State.

    • WestCoastCraig

      If he went to the Lakers, would they call him Melo Yellow?

  • Different Matt

    Let Melo walk. Free up that money to rebuild the team. The pressure to win immediately in New York means that teams are always retooling and never rebuilding. It’s time to rebuild.

  • Junoir Blaber

    Someone queue up that “Hit the road jack music!!”

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