MTM HEADQUARTERS, NYC – Forget the DOW, Retail Sales, Oil Prices or any talk, whatsoever, of a Recession! We’ve got just what the Doctor K ordered! Win a Super Bowl weekend package and cruise around our new digs, all made possible by incalculable efforts of Mickey McLoughlin, Ken Lettow,  Brian “Diesel” Sheehy and our pals over at SportsMatchMaker! There will be some leaks and creaking as the floors and walls settle, so please bare with us – or is it bear, Cookie???  We do, need/want to hear all of your thoughts re the design (just keep in mind that our Tech Department is not exactly enamored with Management at this point). So, come on in, make yourselves at home at home and tell everybody you know about Super Bowl Giveaway. You’d be helping us enormously by entering the Super Bowl Giveaway as described in detail in our last-minute, bare-bones instructional clip. Why? How? Well, to be honest with you, if we get a certain number of our peeps to do so, we’ll finally get  some actual funding to start bringing you weekly, then daily segments. So, please tell as many of your homeys [homies] to login with us AND  follow the Super Bowl Giveawy instructions. THANKS and GOOD LUCK!!!

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