EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – Ladies and Germs, we are fed up to our tinted spectacles with local talk radio birdbrains calling for Tom Caughlin’s head and Eli Manning’s departure. Let’s set the record straight: The Giants played lousy football in their biggest game, there is no denying that. But they overcame the losses of Strahan, Shockey, Umenyiora and Burress and still won their division and clinched home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Did they collectively stink up the joint and lose to a VERY BEATABLE team (no offense, Phanatic & Phillview)? Absolutely. Did Tommy C. make a couple of questionable calls? Sure. But make no mistake about it – the Jints are a solid football team that has youth and depth on their side. Their QB has a Super Bowl MVP, football royalty pedigree and but 27 years on this planet. Next year, they will be better – even if they don’t win as many games – and they will make the playoffs. We’ll bet our back hair on it! Conversely, let’s look at the New York Jets. Oh, doggy! No coach, no QB, a disgruntled running back who doesn’t understand that loose lips sink ships and a Management Team that could screw up a rock fight or a two-car funeral. Apologies to Vinny From Brooklyn, but this organization makes the Mets look like the – DRUM ROLL, PLEASE – the Yankees as far as winning goes. Ooh. Ouch. What’s worse is that they don’t even play in their own stadium – they rent! Yeah, yeah, the new joint will technically be co-owned but let’s be real – it will still be Giants Stadium. Just ask the L.A. Clippers about the shared venue thing. Wait, we just stumbled on a fabulous comparison: The Jets are the L.A. Clippers of N.Y. football! Yikes. That’s sad. Look, no team should have to share a stadium with another local team in the same sport. How would it be if the Rangers and Islanders shared the Garden? It would be a joke. The Isles would be the Brian Gerard “Kato Kaelin of the World’s Most Famous Arena. The Jets in the Meadowlands – or whatever it will be called – have been, are and always will be – tenants. Can they fix things? Can they overcome their permanent second-citizen status and get to the promised land? YES. Just do what we said previously; give Jimmy Johnson a boat load of money to come in and run the show. As a Jet fan, would you worry about Bill Belichik if good ‘ol Jimmy was at the helm? No. You wouldn’t. They blew it with Cowher and the Favre thing scared Shanahan away. Give Jimmy the keys and clean up the train wreck. That’s all for today, please chime in below and ready yourselves for Angry Ward, manana.

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