MTM TECH CENTER, NEW YORK – In honor of our new President’s swearing in, we want to send two of you to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, we over-complicated the thing – can you believe that!? Anyway, to be clear: The winner gets two tickets to the game, round trip airfare and hotel accommodations. It is FREE and you will NOT GET SPAMMED. The more people that enter, the better we look, so please BEG your mates and family to enter. As long as it’s a real email, you can enter more than one in a household… Simply click on the big banner on the Home Page that says WIN A TRIP TO THE SUPER BOWL… If you have 5 minutes and 37 seconds more and want to watch a silly rugby bit where we get killed, go to the videos section click color=”#3366ff”> If you need further clarification on the Giveaway, just watch the CHEESY intructional video on the Home Page… You have to enter by midnight on the 21st. And remember, it’s our way of making this historic day extra SUPER – whores that we are… THANKS! p.s… Look for our tryout with the NY Rangers on Wednesday.

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