by West Coast Craig 

IPANEMA, BRAZIL — As reported here on MTM this past week, Jerry Manuel made a keen observation that baseball is played to a jazzy rhythm…I couldn’t agree more, and on these days in particular I find a Bossa Nova beat always works well.  With apologies to Astrud Gilberto (and Sexy Rexy O’Rourke, who did something like this with Stairway To Heaven last summer, surely another face on his Rushmore), this one’s for you North Easterners this early March morning.

I’m as jumpy as the Wizard of Aaaaahs
I’m as glittery as a World Series ring
I’d say I that I had pennant fever
yet I know it isn’t even spring

I’m as starry eyed as a batboy in the clubhouse
I’m as frozen as a hitter caught look-ing
oh, how can I watch spring training
when I know it isn’t spring?

I keep wishing I were somewhere else
somewhere I could see Huston Street
hearing words from Vin Scully
wondering if my favorite player is a cheat?

I’m as busy as a concession stand vender
I’m as wild as a Vlad Guerrero swing
I haven’t seen a cracker or a jack
or a catch made on a shoestring
but I feel so gay, in a totally manly way
that it might as well be spring

Will this Manny saga never end?
Are Met fans worried about Johan’s wing?
I love the smell of fresh cut grass in the infield
To quote ELO its a living thing
And I want to play, I want to get out there today
When is it gonna feel like spring?

I’ve always wondered if it’s ever worked…
when you yell hey batter batter batter swing?
When I’m up there I’m not really listening…
until my bat goes ping
And oh yes today, out here in a sunny L.A.,
It was a mighty fine spring.
Oh yes a mighty fine spring.

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