by Philview and The Phanatic

Chicago, IL – What a great weekend! The NCAA Tournament may be the greatest sporting event our country has to offer, with this past weekend being the best in all of sports – non-stop college basketball from noon until midnight for four straight days – 48 games with fantastic finishes and unbelievable upsets!

Enjoy it while you can, because next year the Federal Government may just take it all away from us. And as the employees of AIG will soon find out, they can.

As distasteful as $165M in bonuses are for selected employees of a company that is a failure and needed government assistance, these employees did have contracts that called for bonuses. And if our Federal Government can simply write a law and just take personal property from its citizens, or mold laws that single-out, favor or disfavor, what’s next? Will sports be impacted?

Will Barry Bonds have to give back 90% of his pharmaceutically-bloated home runs, from 1998 on. God, we hope so. Will the Phils have to give back their World Series title? No, they couldn’t do that, could they? Hell, we’ve only won two – go ask the Yankees. Or, the Giants may need to hand over that Super Bowl from last year. That was a lucky catch anyway.

How would you feel if, under the new law, the Cubs get byes for the first two rounds of the playoffs, so they can finally return to a World Series? This is after a divisional restructuring, drafted by the US Government, makes them the only team in the newly formed ” Biggest City in Illinois ” division. You can bet Obama will sign off on that one.

So before the Feds come in and cut back on our phun, we at MeetTheMatts are going to beat them to the punch. We are going to make the painful choice of giving back something special in our lives before they ask. No, we can’t give back the NBA or the NHL because no one would miss it. That’s like giving up chinese water torture for Lent.

Effective immediately, the fans of MeetTheMatts will cancel one of the following forever: the NCAA Tournament, the MLB World Series or the Super Bowl.

Which one would you choose and why?

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