PHILTHYDELPHIA, PA – As Philview and The Phanatic will tell you, one game does indeed matter. The Mets would readily concur. Two consecutive years of phalling short of the playoffs by ONE GAME will do that. The President’s Choice Sox, Twinkies and Wisconsin Walt’s Brew Crew also know the consequences of one game, each with a different perspective. Walt’s gang won the Wild Card by one game – over the Mets – while the Twins lost out on post-season play by losing the Central to the Bama’s South Siders.

That’s why winning the first game, in this season of firsts (new stadiums, new players) is critical. Is it a matter of life or death for a team? Maybe. Maybe not. Cookie, Yankee Joe and our Philthydelphia Phriends might say differently. They have to. The Yanks and Phils lost their openers. That means they are now trailing their respective division leaders by… ONE GAME. That matters.

With that, here are some desultory observations after one game of baseball:

Tony Alameda is not a relief pitcher on the Yankees. Johnathan Albaladejo is. We confuse them for some reason.

Frank Robinson was the Cincinnati Honorary Captain. Why the Dusty Baker isn’t that guy managing someplace?!

C.C. Sabathia makes David Wells look like a Marine in uniform.

Keith Hernandez said this about Rusty Staub: “Rusty should have worn sleeves with that fair skin.” Keith was also wearing camouflage gloves, which prompted Ron Darling to ask:
“What, you going quail hunting after this?”

Phil Mushnick was right on the money with his reviews of the two new New York baseball stadiums. He says many of the same things we said on Saturday.

Rex O’Rourke was absolutely correct in his proposed scheduling of weather-friendly stadiums to start the season. It was 39 and raining in Cincy. That’s just silly.

Finally, Mark Texiera has chubby cheeks and still goes home to his parents’ house in Baltimore. He stays in his room with his Don Mattingly poster. There is something wrong with that. It smacks of the awkward relationship David Wright and A-Rod started last year.

That’s all for today. Angry Ward tomorrow.

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