LOS ANGELES, CA – Whose suitcase would be packed first? Whose contract would be eaten so that the Nats would take said luggage? How many heads would be rolling down Hollywood Boulevard this morning? These are just a few of the questions we’d have answered by now if the 90s version of George Steinbrenner owned the Metropolitans.

Regardless of your team of fancy, as a fan you expect certain things. If you’re rooting for a small market, no-budget team, your expectations may be tempered somewhat -they may not be; after all, fan is short for fanatic.

Us Matts, if you haven’t guessed, root for the National League representative out of Flushing, NY – the aforementioned Metropolitans – a big market, big-budget team. Our expectations are extremely high but would be so even if the Mets played in Winnipeg; we are fanatics. That said, here are a few of the reasons we want a vintage George Steinbrenner to take over this club:

  • JERRY MANUEL’S questionable moves need to be questioned by his bosses: 1) Having Omir Santos run in from the bullpen to pinch hit for Ramon Castro. 2) Having Angel Pagan pinch hit for Daniel Murphy. 3) Having Jeremy Reed at first base in the 11th inning of tie game and having NO MARGIN FOR ERROR.
  • CARLOS BELTRAN’S nonchalant nonchalantness. It’s tolerable when he puts up MVP numbers – only tolerable. It’s infuriatingly infuriating when routine fly balls drop in he outfield at critical moments.
  • ORLANDO HUDSON would be starting at 2nd base, while LUIS CASTILLO (lower c as he is called by many on this site) would be playing for Bobby V in Japan – until Bobby came in to replace Jerry.
  • JEREMY REED, SEAN GREEN & RYAN CHURCH would be given a choice: Shuffle off to Buffalo for some “refocusing” or be publicly flogged before being packaged to Pittsburgh for a Ralph Kiner baseball card.
  • WEST COAST CRAIG would be fired. Granted, he’s exceptional here and beloved by all – BUT- he’s a Dodger fan and this is George, right?
  • MeetTheMatts would be on SNY 3 times a day.
  • CHIPPER JONES would be acquired to replace Carlos Delgado for Jonathan Niese, Felix Martinez, Daniel Murphy and Angel Pagan.
  • JOSE REYES would celebrate like crazy – only when he won like crazy.
  • YANKEE JOE would be a Red Sox fan.
  • PHILADELPHIA would not have won the East the past two seasons nor won the World Series. They absolutely would NOT BE IN FIRST today.
  • ANGRY WARD would be livid – which would make for even better Angry Ward Wednesdays.
  • There. We vented. That’s what staying up late to watch Jerry’s Kids will do to you. Having Wild West Wes (L.A. teammate of WCC & LA Loo Loo) text messaging us with every late-night Metropolitan gaff didn’t help, either.

    Jerry’s Kids need George Steinbrenner… and Manny and Chipper and John Lackey.

    Without George, this is what we have:

    Angry Ward tomorrow. Please play the froggin’ trivia game!

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