CAPE MAY, NJ – Last week, we suggested that you should go to Sag Harbor and live near Keith Hernandez. This week we’re talkin’ Joisey. Cape May, New Joisey, as a matter of fact. Mike Schmidt lives here and it’s but a hop, skip and a toll road from CBP, Citizen’s Bank Park – the home of the Phlithydelphia Phillies. What’s more, you could go see Philthydelphia host Boston in an exciting Inter League game, then shoot right back to this glorious beach town. You can even take the train! How? Who could afford such a hot ticket, you ask? The answer is simple: PLAY OUR TRIVIA GAME. It’s easy and it will get you and a pal PhilthySox tickets.

“But Matts, we don’t want Philthy Sox!”

No worries, our Trivia Winner picks whichever Interleague Series they like and we pay for 2 seats and throw in 50 clams! So without further ado, let’s play! Here’s the skinny:

  • QUICK REFRESHER: You answer our questions by sending your answers to, we keep track and announce the winner! Please DO NOT post your answers for everyone to see!
  • ALL QUESTIONS will be derived from stuff on and the web – we’ll provide BLATANTLY OBVIOUS CLUES.
  • That’s basically it! More rules can be found at the end of this page. So good luck, here are the questions – answer all (New & Previous):


  • In the Video playing On our Home Page, who cuts David Wright’s hair? THIS VIDEO WILL BE UP BY TODAY
  • In Matt Facts, on our Home Page, what # Matt Fact refers to Matt Millen and what will his new job be?
  • Who was the winning pitcher for the Colorado Rockies on May 29, 2009.

  • On our Home Page, there is The Matts’ Photos Section that contains a photo of six women wearing a certain team’s football jersey. What is that football team? (NOTE: The jerseys are for the same team, regardless of their color).
  • In our Baseball Spanish For Dummies what is Translator Tommy’s first name and what is our written version of his translating “Use your good eye!
  • We included the Chicks Dig The Long Ball video in our GOODEN/CLEMENS piece. What stadium was used for the shoot?
  • In our piece from the OLD Yankee Stadium, where is the taller Matt from? Click HERE to see the video
  • As per our Matt Facts on the Home Page, how does Stephon Marbury speak?
  • In our RUGBY AIN’T SOCCER VIDEO, what is the name of the rugby team that kicks Short Matt’s butt? (Hint: we zoom in on the jersey’s logo).
  • On June 16th 2009, who will the Baltimore Orioles be playing?
  • How many more “STAFF” members (look under Coaches, not pitchers!) do the Yankees have than the A’s?
  • In our BIG LEAGUER AT HOME PART II video, what does Kevin Baez call us just before he bites into the bacon?
  • Here are our leaders after 2 weeks based on 7 possible total points:

    temple: 9-10 (Disputed)
    Philly Phanatic: 9-10 (Disputed)
    Yankee Joe: 9-10
    Time Warp Tony: 9-10
    buffalobilly84: 8 1/2-10
    Wisconsin Walt: 8 1/2 -10
    Sam’s-A-Fan: 8-10
    vinny fom brooklyn: 8-10
    Miss Sophia: 7-7
    bosoxbruins04: 7-8 (not current)
    preacher: 6 1/2 – 10
    jshanley1: 6-7
    Maria At Bat: 6-7
    Time Warp Tony: 9-10
    Shaaban Allen aka chokonfish: 6-7
    Finns: 5-7
    Linda: 5-7
    acegrocki: 5-5 (not current)
    Worontzoff: 3 1/2 -4 (not current)
    hungryshasky: 3 1/2 (not current)
    jgclancy: 3-5 (not current and has NO SOUND on computer)
    Joel “Fella” Feliciano: 2-2 (not current)
    Joe “Face” DeSapio: 3-4 (not current)
    SchenectadyMets: 1-1 ((not current)
    Frosty: 0-1 (not current)

  • The LAST QUESTIONS will be posted NEXT SATURDAY, June 6th.
  • Previous questions may be answered by new-comers! That means you can join at any time!
  • Leaders will be posted each week
  • Tie breakers will be based on some confusing and antiquated aggregate of statistics, leaving you apoplectic and our defense of said outcome specious at best.
  • We may attend the game with the winners, depending on the O.O.P. (Out Of Pocket) damages that we are forced to incur (HELLO??? Anyone donating tickets to this cause???)
  • That’s all for today, have some fun with the Trivia and look for Rex O’Rourke tomorrow.

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