CRAZY HORSE SALOON; PARIS, FRANCE – Decadence has beaten back Purity in Queens. No, that’s not some philosophical observation regarding the Harvey Fiersteins of the world…

Instead, it refers to the Senior Circuit baseball team out of Flushing, NY. We saw it happening yet, we indulged. We facilitated.

We knew that this calamitous cache of sinners never had any interest in the sound, steady offerings a Church had to offer and simply ignored it; like rotund rampaging Roman gluttons on a feeding frenzy when dieting is the right path.

The New York Mets are comprised of baseball sinners. “What are their sins?” YOU ask. Fair enough, here are their sins:

  • No representation of their history, whatsoever, at their newest waste of money/Den Of Iniquity.
  • Dropped pop-ups.
  • Unnecessary and errant throws.
  • Abysmal base running.
  • Unconscionable amounts of strikeouts.
  • A lack of fire.
  • Sporadic effort.
  • Giving hitters free bases by not throwing strikes.
  • Awful, organization-wide, management.
  • Ommitting from SNY.
  • Trading a fundamentally sound, consistent player -whose only sins were that he was mistreated when injured and misused by a crazy coot of a coach – for yet another baseball sinner, Jeff French-To-Le-Coeur, he of the decadent arm and purely putrid output.
  • The Altanta Braves are better today. They will find sanctuary, peace and solid ground in their newly acquired Church. Meanwhile, Caligula Minaya sits here, at the Crazy Horse Saloon in Paris, France, dialing Barry Bonds on his T-Moblie phone… Soul-less and sinful.

    Rex O’Rourke tomorrow.

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