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It’s been said that the Baseball Gods are funny people, and we mere mortals aren’t always in on the joke. In my sunday league game today one of our guys ranged to his right to get a grounder, but it was a hard shot that took strange ricochet and caught him above the left eye, sending him tumbling to the ground with blood running freely down his face and all over his uniform. He bled like a stuck pig from a cut about an inch long over the eye. The game stopped for awhile, old guys from both teams a bit freaked out, though the burly mustachioed EMT–when he finally arrived and slowly strolled up with his clipboard (acting put out like we’d just interrupted his meatball hoagie)–was a bit less concerned, simply saying “that’s going to need stitches,” and then walking back to the ambulance with some of the other guys helping our downed teammate follow. This on the heels of David Wright’s scary moment at the quick end of a Matt Cain 90 mph fastball the other night, as well as Hiroki Kuroda’s taking one off his head all in the same weekend.

Seems there’s been a lot of this going on lately. Now, usually I’d try to come up with something a bit more pithy here, but frankly I’m just back from vacation and still on East Coast Time, and only now have I gone back and looked at all the great posts I’d missed last week on the Cape in my House-Without-Internet-Which-Was-Also-In-A-Dead-Zone-And-Only-Had-Local-TV. So this is where the mush of my mind has gone to: People getting hit in the groin with stuff.

This one is to the head, but the guy doesn’t seem to be hurt, so that makes it funny!

I love the guy’s girlish scream when this happens:
Most Painful Groin Shot!The most amazing home videos are here

This marks the second time in four days this site has played Big Balls by AC/DC. What can I say, I love Bon Scott:

Here’s a viral thing that didn’t seem to get enough traction to overcome the ban that kept it from ever being shown on television:

And of course, it all works on so many levels:

Now I humbly beg forgiveness, and promise to come up with something better next week. Maybe something more scatological. That’s always funny.

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