By Rex O’Rourke

Orlando, Fl – As I’m sure you are aware by now, Tiger Woods was involved in a one car accident in the early morning hours on Friday. What you may not be aware of are:

The Top Ten Little Known Facts about the Tiger Woods Car Accident

10) Tryptophan, domestic unrest, and driving don’t mix.

9) Never switch from and overlapping grip to an interlocking grip while driving.

8) Tiger was informed he’s playing in a Pro-Am with Charles Barkley.

7) He was on his way to the All-Nite Rogaine Shop.

6) Costco was having a Black Friday sale on Huggies.

5) His golf spikes got caught on the gas pedal.

4) When you need White Castle, you REALLY need White Castle.

3) He probably shouldn’t have been leaning back watching his daughter’s Wonder Pets video, but they’re just so damn cute.

2) One word… Alligators!

…And the number one Little Known Fact about the Tiger Woods Car Accident.

1) It was Bitterman’s day off.

As for today’s selections, two of my favorite games were played on Thanksgiving, so confidence is not high with what remains. I’ll ride the wave with The TITANS (-3) over The Cardinals, The TEXANS (+3.5) over The Colts, and The RAVENS (pk) over The Steelers. I stand at 23-9-1.

Until next week,

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