John Madden flexes, Patrick Kane entertains.

MY KIND OF TOWN, IL – Despite our growing disdain for analysts and post-game shows, we found ourselves watching MSG’s Hockey Night Live with Al Trautwig and former players Butch Goring, Ken Daneyko and Ron Duguay the other night. And boy, was Butch Goring ticked. He was nostrils-flaring ticked. In fact, his well-directed anger impacted us so significantly that we decided to beef up today’s post about Hockey Players Gone Wild (Patrick Kane, Kris Versteeg, John Madden) with the following video/column/blog/thing. The MSG footage was taken directly off our television, with artistic camera angles as per our new favorite visitor to MeetTheMatts, butch goring’s nostrils.

Before you comment, here are some quotes from the bad boy ‘Hawks:

KANE: “It’s not the way we want to represent the team, but it’s been discussed internally [with the team]. It’s been figured out inside this locker room. We’ve had the support of most of the team, and like I said, it’s been handled inside that locker room. That’s all we really care about in here, and we are focused on the game tonight. I’ve had a couple of incidents, obviously. I’m 21 years old. It’s probably time to grow up a little bit.”

MADDEN: At 36, Madden is a veteran. “I don’t think it will be a distraction at all. This team is a tight bunch of guys. We’ve dealt with this already. We’ve dealt with it internally, and we’re moving on.”

Okay, now you can weigh in on these Hockey Players Gone Wild. And while you’re at it, just imagine what interesting bits an iPhone or Flip Camera would have picked up from our three panelists when they were playing.


Eat your hearts out, Girls Gone WildAngry Ward, tomorrow.

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