By Rex O’Rourke

Suffern, NY – I was cruising down the road listening to The Cure Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (which holds up very well after all these years) and it reminded me of Morganna The Kissing Bandit. That reminded me of the kid that got tasered in Philly Monday Night. That reminded me of how appropriate Philly was, seeing as it’s a tough town and all. That reminded me that they once booed Santa Claus. That reminded me that my good buddy Frank was born on Christmas Day. That reminded me that The NBA always has good games on Christmas. That reminded me that Tiger Woods (he of the wayward driver, pun intended) must have had a lousy Christmas. That reminded me that Tiger must be psyched about the Lawrence Taylor debacle; you know, one less papprazzi on his tail and now his scandal’s not the most recent sports scandal anymore.

That reminded me that LT (the original version) is putting my hometown of Suffern on the map (I love how the media calls it upstate as it’s the same number of miles from Times Square as Farmingdale, Long Island). That reminded me that our High School baseball field is named for Mountie alum and former major leaguer and World Series champion Walt Weiss. That reminded me that those A’s teams of the late eighties/early nineties should have won more.

That reminded me that The Broncos, Bills, and Vikings should have won more, or at least a couple, of Super Bowls. That reminded me that the Florida Marlins, given their brief history, should’ve won less. That reminded me, “Whatever happened to Bobby Bonilla and does anyone care?”. That reminded me how skinnny Barry Bonds used to be. That reminded me of the time he dressed in drag. That reminded me that Mayor Guiliani also donned a dress a couple of times. That reminded me that he ran for President. That reminded me that Gerald Ford was an All-American lineman for Michigan.

That reminded me that I’ve never been to Michigan. That reminded me That Johnny Damon is having a good year. That reminded me that Nick Johnson isn’t and won’t. That reminded me how deep The Yankees are right now. That reminded how deep (Darryl Strawberry, Tim Raines) the 1998 Yankees bench was. That reminded me that Y2K turned out to be nothing.

That reminded me I need to get a life.

Until next week,

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