CONNECTICUT, USA:  Where’d THAT two weeks go?  I have no idea.  Don’t know… don’t care?  But we’re now looking at our THIRD out of FOUR Sundays where we’re going to be SOAKED in rain.  For the first two (August 7th and 14th, if you will) I was competing in the Nautica NYC Triathlon and the West Point Triathlon, where I placed 3rd and 2nd respectively in my categories.  My next tri is Mighty Hampton’s Olympic Triathlon on 9/11 in Sag Harbor, NY.  (Take a guess what place I’m gunning for in this, my last tri of this season.. er.. at least the last scheduled one.. for now.  Yes, Mr. Cookie is a triathlon widower.)   This weekend I’ve got nothing going on, but really it’s hard not to contemplate taking my bike out in some seriously BIBLICAL rain.  I’ve just gotten so used to it, and after all… ask me if I care.

And that brings me to this week’s post.  After fighting with this Disqus garbage and learning (thanks – a WEEK froggin’ later Short Matt), that there is ANOTHER ‘Cookie‘ registered, I’m now Twatting as @Cookies_Corner (follow me.. it’s better than P. Diddy) and will be replying here as such. Ask me if I care. And here are some other things you can ask me if I care about:

** Big Ass Kim Kardashian  got married to that big, loser DORK on the WORST basketball team (redundant phrase in my book) EV-ER… the New Jersey Nets.  I think his name is Kris Humphries.  She’s got more money than he does… so what does he have to offer?  Is he a good HUMP?  Ask me if I care.

** Libyan leader  Gadhafi seems to have nine-lives…fending off another bloody rebel insurgency.  It appears what Moammar could NOT fend off was some seriously BAD plastic surgery and a jagunda tub of Jheri-Curl creme.  Now… DO I CARE?!?

** Amy Winehouse’s toxicology report has come back. NADA in the way of illegal drugs.  Alas, so.. she drank herself to death. Shocker. AND… apparently her famed album, Black & Blue has gotten a shot of heroin and climbed the charts again making it the #1 Album in the UK. Care? Anyone??? Bueller?  Anyone??

What, me worry???

** Hurricane Irene is coming!!!  Will my power go out?  Will jgclancy stock up on bacon before the storm hits?  What (or who) will Lori Levine do in the storm?  Who will Short Matt freeload off of if he’s confined indoors for the weekend?   Will Grote’s kids sleep?   Is West Coast Craig laughing at us?  Has Sam’s A Fan blown away or is he off in a bunker with Angry Ward bogarting the Pappy’s? Diff?  Where’s my boy??  Come on Irene!… pull up your overalls and then ask me if i care.  (OK.. I do care about the answers to the questions I posed about the MeetTheMatts faithful…. really.)

** I have thirty-some f*ckin’ words (and counting) left.  Will DISQUS self destruct when I hit 500?  What inane pictures will the MeetTheMatts editorial staff put in?  How many of my ellipses will survive?  ASK. ME. IF. I. CARE.

What I DO care about is that you all have a great weekend.  Don’t blow away and speaking of blowing away, The Public Professor is up tomorrow…if he doesn’t blow away first.

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