NEW YORK, NY –  Tuesdays are reserved for Grote2DMax on MTM, but Tropical Storm Irene – who was sexier as a hurricane –  and a trip to Omaha, Oklahoma or someplace else, led G2DM to ask for a pinch-hitter. Because of the short notice, we figured this was a good as anytime to talk up Twitter.

Before you place a pox on our homes or condemn us to a life with no hope of a cure for baldness, understand that we were as reluctant as anyone to add yet another annoying social media flash-in-the-pan. BUT… This thing makes the world super small in a tiny bit of time. It’s especially cool for sports fans because within seconds, you see headlines or breaking news from a specific group or global potpourri by simply flicking your roll bar.

To wit, we would never had exposure to any of the following – and we’re guessing most of you still haven’t. So, test your sports worldliness and pick the right description under each:

Horse-play in the sand.

A) Sahara Horse Expo
B) Sienna Square Horse race
C) Greek Hospital Fund Raiser

Pissed off!

A) Czech Fan Fighting Prices
B) Stadium Plumber’s Protest
C) Romanian worker at Lia Manoliu Arena, Bucharest

A) Sumo Initiation
B) Sumo Meal Preparation
C) Sumo Thong Wax

A) Friendly rugby international test match
B) Kill The Guy With The Ball
C) Aussie Rules Football Championship

Are these really our seats?

A) Another reason Soccer sucks: Gunfire in Torreon, Mexico
B) Hide -n- Seek at halftime
C) Hiding from Los In-Laws

Angry Ward, who’ll be extra angry after seeing G2DM get away with a Hurricane Holiday, is up tomorrow.

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