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INTERWEBVILLE, CYBERIA – So, we fought the inevitable the way Brett Favre fought off retirement – we all eventually succumbed. And while the latter might not be embracing his new-found fate, we’re actually frogging stoked! Between RugbyWrapUp & MeetTheMatts, we’ve tweeted & twatted, been twittered and retweeted and found access to people and things we never knew existed… For instance, this was on Deadspin and is arguably the best video we’ve ever seen:

Then, we got into a pissing match over whether the Islanders and their Big Wang should hit the bricks!

MeetTheMatts: @ @NYIslanders @cc660GO RANGERS!!! Send the Fish-sitcks to Kansas City!
desertedisle: @MeetTheMatts “for the sports fan with a sense of humor” … nothing funny about 2k people losing jobs and LI’s economy suffering. #isles

MeetTheMatts: Isles have had NOBODY watching their games for years. 2000 is about their avg paid attendance. KC isn’t the answer. Canada is.
desertedisle: You’re missing the part that this isn’t about HOCKEY… which is only 1/4 of arena events. That is LI’s only arena. #isles

Meet The Matts: So, an owner that sucks & a team without fans, deserve huge $$$ guarantees from broke taxpayers that don’t care about hockey?
desertedisle: You’re missing the part that this isn’t about HOCKEY… which is only 1/4 of arena events. That is LI’s only arena. #isles What about concerts, conventions, job fairs, family shows, etc.? Where will we go for those? #isles #VoteYesAug1

Meet The Matts: A new arena not attached to Wang.
desertedisle:  Who’s going to step up and do it? And cover whatever the cost is over and above $350M? And pay $14M/yr regardless of revenue?

Meet The Matts: You really think the $$$ at stake re Wang’s demands are worth it? Losing your team will suck, yes. But it’s insane there now.
desertedisle:  What demands? And really, this isn’t about my team. It’s about my home and the lack of progress around it. LI is fading fast.

Meet The Matts: He wants to build a mini Disneyland.
desertedisle: An arena and a minor league baseball field (which wasn’t his doing, it was Murray and Mangano) is a mini Disney land?

MeetTheMatts: Wang was willing to spend HUGE amount of his $$$ to build Lighthouse project but not $350 million to build a new arena.
desertedisle: You need to catch up the the facts. They won’t LET him build it with his own money. The town denied all scales. Now what? It’s no secret that Newsday and Cablevision are anti-Isles everything. Even THEY are endorsing #VoteYesAug1. Speaks volumes.

MeetTheMatts: Read this:
desertedisle: @MeetTheMatts You seriously count on the Post for real news? I can debunk everything he said fact by fact if you’d like. “take on more debt and raise taxes further” Wrong. Taxes go up $14/year if it passes and $18/year if it fails.
“take on more debt and raise taxes further” Wrong. Taxes go up $14/year if it passes and $18/year if it fails.
“no help on incomes, jobs or overall economic activity” 2,100 lose a paycheck and county loses $243M/year if Coliseum closes. Ray Keating got beat up all over the damn place for that article. It’s a political pissing match. Read this:

Meet The Matts: @desertedisle The bottom line is that nobody goes to Islander games. Wang has spent money – insanely – but it doesn’t matter.
desertedisle: @MeetTheMatts The bottom line is it isn’t about HOCKEY. This is about LI’s only arena and what we stand to lose if it’s gone.

MeetTheMatts: It is about hockey! It’s about a hockey team and a hockey owner. Take the Isles & Wang out of equation. What is left?!
desertedisle:  It’s about hockey 41 out of 365 days a year. It’s LI’s only place for concerts, family shows, exhibitions, etc.. @@MeetTheMatts Without an arena LI’ers will have to choose to not expose their kids to entertainment or spend their $ in NYC. LI needs this. like I’ve said before this is about more than just a hockey team. It’s about a quality standard of living

MeetTheMatts: Let the Isles and Wang go and build an arena without him.
desertedisle: wtf are you talking about? “Him” who? Without Wang spearheading this it doesn’t happen. NO ONE is going to develop there.

desertedisle@IslesRM Apparently @MeetTheMatts doesn’t give a crap about quality of life on LI. He (they?) have a personal thing against Wang. #Selfish
Meet The Matts:  That’s just silly… We have a difference of opinion – even among the various Matts. I don’t share your opinion.

Meet The Matts: We hope you get what you wish for and hope we are wrong. Go Fish Sticks!
Cheesy Bruin, tomorrow…

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