THIS WEEK–It’s like old times burning the midnight oil with Deion Sanders showing me his highlights on the NFL Network as I write this, so let’s get to it. The 10-year anniversary of 9/11 fell to our man Cheesy Bruin yesterday, and his hard hat tribute struck the perfect note. Hard to follow that, but here I go. So, now that ten years has passed, we don’t have to sing God Bless America at baseball games anymore, right? No? Damn.  Well, let’s turn our focus from the past to the future then instead, shall we?

Today: Why do tennis tournaments seem to attract rain delays the way trailer parks attract tornadoes? Here’s another Men’s Final falling on a Monday, and it’s not the first to be delayed by an actual hurricane. The first was in 1938, when the tournament was delayed a still record six days by one…but that’s not as bad as it sounds as the whole

This Novak was no Djok.

tournament took only two days to complete back then (it was won by Don Budge, completing the first “Grand Slam.” The next year he completed the first ever “Moons over My Hammy”). No surprises like the women’s brackets, it’s all top seeds for the men with #1 Novak Djokovic facing #2 Rafael Nadal at Arthur Ashe Stadium. No Hitchcock blonde, I’m still giving the nod to this Novak for his great hairline, something Nadal is conspicuously hiding.

Tonight: For some reason the NFL has been going with this week one Monday night double header. I guess make that fifteen billion reasons now that ESPN has paid its way into the NFL’s bed like a favorite hooker’s John. Of course it’s all of us who’ll get screwed when we’re paying HBO money for it.

Tuesday:  It took A-Rod 12 games to get from home run 599 to 600 last year.  This year, it’s only going to take two games for Mariano Rivera to get from his 599th save yesterday to his 600th in Seattle (of course, that’s contingent upon AJ Burnett, who’s starting that night.  The good news is it’s the Mariners).

Wednesday:  Mariano Rivera ties Trevor Hoffman atop the All Time Saves list with his 601st Save.

Thursday: Miracle on grass? For you ruggers, the Eagles takes on Russia in the Rugby World Cup.

Friday:  Congratulations to Mariano Rivera for becoming the all time Saves leader!

Saturday: At last the Floyd Mayweather mini-series has its season finale as he fights Victor Ortiz at the MGM Grand. Ortiz is ten years younger and time has all but run out for hopes of Floyd making a Manny Pacquiao date, but judging by his conversation with 50 Cent, his improv skills will make him perfect for his own reality show when his career is over…he just needs to find an available Kardashian sister.

Sunday: My old guy baseball season ended ignominiously today, so my family gets me back on Sundays! Hooray, they can bring me sandwiches as I watch football and think about next week’s post.



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