VIDEO: Canseco Beats Us Up, Then Talks Newark Bears, A’s, Cards

NEWARK, NJ – We had the pleasure of meeting up with Mr. Canseco at Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium, down in Cory Booker’s Newark. It was indeed a great day, even if our star wasn’t himself.

Minor League baseball is the perfect escape from the unrequited enthusiasm and bludgeoning costs that most MLB clubs subject us fans to these days… And what with the economy and all… Newark is like a vacation spot – or a romantic weekend getaway. For baseball lovers, that is. And the Newark Bears can be your secret lover(s)…

The coolest thing about Minor League ball, however, is that you get to meet great players that may be rehabbing, coaching or just stopping by. That’s how we met our new buddy, Mr. Turnpike. The video is pretty good, despite our involvement, only because of Mr. Canseco – a good guy.

Oh, and for those of you thinking¬† that this is mailing it in, that’s just bunk tile. Try shooting and editing one of these things.

Please…¬† COMMENT below, TELL some people about MTM and TUNE in for Different Matt, tomorrow.

P.s… How about that NBA situation?! Tweet Cory Booker about it. @CoryBooker

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