Movember: Favorite Sports Mustaches

Flames' McDonald

NEW YORK, NY – The pre-Halloween snowstorm knocked us northeasterners to the canvas for two reasons:
1) Like Kris Humphries by Kim Kardashian’s shocking divorce filing, we were caught totally by surprise.
2) The weight of snow and leaves on the trees toppled them onto power lines – like the Leafs toppled the Rangers power line the other night. Leafs, toppled…  Anyway, the storm directly affected MTM by knocking out Grote2DMax’s power. That’s why we’re stepping up to the keyboard and because it’s Movember, let’s look at our Favorite Sports Mustaches:

LANNY MCDONALD: His stache was as great for its unruliness as it was for… being red. There ain’t too many “gingers” growing beards and mustaches out there, and Lanny represented better than anyone.

JOE NAMATH: Usually we associate Broadway Joe with pantyhose, SuzyKolber or telling it like it is with the JETS, Titans, Titans, Titans. But Joe Willie also had a mean fu manchu when he owned New York City – and he owned this town like few others ever have.

ROLLIE FINGERS: You can’t have a mustache list and leave Rollie off of it. You can, however, have a mustache list and include Fingers as a Brewer – just to see if jgclancy is out there paying attention.

A cock close to his heart!

MARC LIEVREMONT:  This guy is not just Freddy Mercury’s doppelganger, he is also the coach that lost control of Les Blues, France’s Rugby World Cup entry. The team was in complete disarray before he finally called an emergency drink-up to air all differences. 8 players walked out on the free biere and he announced that he’d step down at the conclusion of the tournament. Uh, Marc… You have rugby players turning down free beer and partaking in a successful coup because you look like Freddy Mercury’s doppelganger, not a Rugby coach. Apres vowing not to listen to Lievremont, the team came within 2 points of stunning the world and the champion New Zealand All Blacks. What is it with the French and coaches and World Cups, anyway?

Sans stache!

KEITH HERNANDEZ: Come on, how could we leave the Just For Men Kid off this list? Hernandez has been sporting his lip-cover for how long? 30 years??? This baseball card is from 1976. It is the ONLY photo we could find without the mustache. Suffice to say, it looks like Keith’s better off with it.

Please leave your Movember Memorables  below, as long as they don’t have beards – you hear us Al Hrabosky!  And PLEASE tune in tomorrow for an extremely angry Angry Ward, who will definitely see Grote2DMax’s down day as a way to negotiate an off-day.

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