Bears’ Hurd & Chicago’s Stampede To Jail

CHICAGO, IL – Just this past week, Chicago Bears WR Sam Hurd was arrested and implicated in a drug sting that would’ve made Tony, not Joe, Montana very proud. It’s avarice, if not capitalism at its very finest—a million dollar football player looking to make millions more by drawing up distribution plans for blow and wacky tobacky.

Sam Hurd the football player is nothing more than a fourth or fifth receiver on a roster and every bit the undrafted free agent coming out of college. Very rarely did he move the chains on offense, but he’ll be moving them as a chain-ganger in prison.

That he got caught breaking the law should be no surprise. Until his release from the Bears amidst Federal drug charges, he was simply robbing the team, if you juxtapose his salary against his production: 3yrs/$3.97M + $1.35M signing bonus for six 8-balls.

Hurd's Counsel

Further, how exactly does a bench/role player for the Cowboys get his own radio and cable television show in Dallas? In the wake of The Second Mile and Jerry Sandusky chaos, yet another charity founder in Hurd has gone criminal. The wide receiver’s foundation, Running With The HurdI kid you not – will undoubtedly be renamed Drug-running With The Hurd and teach inner city youth profiteering through dealing and spreading the good financial fortune.

Curiously, Hurd’s football life has been in but two states, Texas an Illinois:  High School in San Antonio, pro in Dallas and collegiate at Northern Illinois and until “the troubles” he was with Da Bears. Just as curious was Marion Barber following Hurd to the Windy City after being teammates in Big D. Surely the Feds will be picking his dread-locked brain real soon and don’t be a bit surprised if his name somehow surfaces in this mess.

The misfortunes of the Dallas Cowboys during Hurd’s time there now makes perfect sense. What if Tony Romo’s misplaced hold of a game-winning field goal attempt in the 2006 Wild Card game vs Seattle was because of  Hurd’s fine weed? What if word of the smoke and coke got around the training facility in 2007 and by season’s end, half the team was hooked, losing three of their last four games, only to be bounced by the Giants in the playoffs?

Hurd's Role Model

The last three years of Hurd’s time in Valley Ranch saw undisciplined play as the norm during every game. And nobody can be as stupid as they seeme in some of those contests… without being under the influence of something. Then again, stupid is claiming $88,000 in a bag with cannabis leaves as your property, leading to Homeland Security nabbbing your greedy ass. If the case against him is iron-clad and prosecuted properly, the next team Hurd catches passes for will be the Mean Machine. Hisss-toe-reeeee!

A drug-free West Coast Craig, tomorrow.

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