Grote’s Gripes: Your Bowl Stadium Guide

Give The Peebles What They Want

OMAHA, NE – Yes the byline is correct, I spent Christmas in Cornhusker territory.  Shopping for everyone this Christmas was easy.  I just decided to get everyone the latest Adele CD.  Just before someone would open my present I would say “Dude, your gettin’ Adele.” in my best stoner voice.  I guess it was a little much putting the CD’s in computer boxes but it added to the effect.

Anyway, out here in Nebraska college football is king, so I figured I might as well finish up my year by writing something about the remaining bowl games. I’m not going to handicap them for you but rather I’m going to focus on the stadiums at which they are being played.  Some like the Rose Bowl make perfect sense but others are a bit odd to say the least.  Here are some of my favorites.

Ford Field – The Little Caesars Bowl used to be played at the Silverdome which became known as Can’t Afford Field when the city of Pontiac had to sell it off for a measly $583,000 because they couldn’t afford the upkeep.

I’m So Confused

RFK Stadium – Is now changing it’s name to the Triborough Stadium just to confuse everyone even further.

Gerald J. Ford Stadium – Is not named after the 38th President but rather a Texas banker.  It figures that the city that brought us George H. Bush, George W. Bush and killed JFK would continue to mock our presidency with this stadium name.

LP Field – Housed in Nashville, TN this is a throwback stadium if there ever was one.  The Music City Bowl is played at 33 1/3 RPM.

Snapdragon Stadium – Crackledragon and Popdragon are said to be furious that Snapdragongot solo rights to this stadium.

Crackle and Pop Drowning Their Sorrows

Reliant Stadium – The owners of this Houston stadium have no problem letting everyone know that we are reliant on their oil so Don’t Mess With Texas.

AT&T Park – Wide receivers know it will be a miracle to get any reception in this stadium.

EverBank Field – This Jacksonville, FL stadium is hosting the Gator Bowl.   Where do I start? EverBankTaxslayer?  Were these institutions named by J.R.R. Jokin?

University. of Phoenix Stadium – It’s funny that the University of Phoenix has a stadium because it doesn’t even have a campus since it is entirely on-line.  Sounds like they’d be better suited hosting flash mobs instead of college bowls.

Sun Life Stadium – The Marlins have moved out of this football stadium and hope their new stadium is the exact opposite of Sun Life.  Maybe that is why they are calling it Moon Death Stadium.

Ladd-Peebles Stadium – Ardent college football fans Cheryl Ladd and Mario Van Peebles paired up to purchase this Mobile, Alabama stadium which now hosts the all important Bowl.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Angry Ward, the biggest Cheryl Ladd fan of them all.

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