Cowboys/Bruins Fan Sees Football Through [Big] Blue-Colored Glasses

Cheesy Bruin

“I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan and the first to point out my team are undisciplined losers…”

SAN FRANSISCO, CA – To the delight of all Big Blue fans’ ears, I’m handling the latest Giants playoff run eerily similar to that of five years ago: I didn’t think they were that good then, and I was proved wrong. They won in spite of their offense that Sunday, regardless of the game MVP honors thrown Peyton’s brother’s way.

"I feel our connection. Now push your thumb deeper."

Anybody knowing anything about football will tell you it was all about the defense hounding and harassing Tom Brady. And therein lay my problem; Are Giants fans very objective viewers or even knowledgeable about football? Now hold on, before I continue, let me preface any further remarks: I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan and the first to point out that my team are undisciplined losers. As for my dislike of the Giants, however,  has more to do with their fans than it does being sworn enemies on the field.

Giants fans had David Tyree destined for the HOF after a touchdown and a Helmet Catch or thought Kevin Boss was an All-Pro Tight End. The same ones that wanted to run Tom Coughlin out of town back then and again this year even with a Championship under his belt. Maybe Ray Handley, Ray Perkins or Ray Charles is available. You should all thank the heavens for your Front Office, where stability is paramount. All model franchises, and I’m calling the G-Men just that, share this trait. In an era where change is a byproduct of emotional knee-jerk executives, the Giants stand out. Speaking of the heavens…

Ray Malavasi and Vince Ferragamo aside, success in the NFL has always been about the Head Coach and Quarterback connection. Wishing my team had the same, I envy all Giants fans. You don’t know how lucky you are. I’ve sat in the Meadowlands when “knowledgeable” folk around me wanted Phil Simms’ head on a platter and screamed for the likes of Scott Brunner. Number eleven was tough, thick-skinned, and often took a beating throwing to such super men like Stephen Baker, Bobby Johnson and the imprisoned Mark Ingram. Simms had the most prolific accuracy rate ever in a Super Bowl… throwing to these chumps! Fans couldn’t stop sucking his pigskin from that point on. A fickle bunch you are, as Brandon Jacobs righteously and publicly called you out.

Mets/Giants fans will love this.

The Giants came out of nowhere in ’07 and aren’t sneaking up on anybody this time because of it. The quarterback is now a confident and polished Eli Manning – no longer Peyton’s little brother or Archie’s son. Today’s Giants are more gifted on offense with big-play capability on every caught ball.

Field conditions at The Stick favor the more talented receiving corps where double moves often send defenders slipping on their keester. To beat the Giants, you have to beat them physically. The 49ers have the personnel to do so – but so did the Falcons and Packers. In the other game, the Ravens are built the same but a Super rematch with the Patriots would be fun to watch. The hated Pats are significantly different from the offensive record shattering 18-1 team. Not the deep drop, vertical passing team featuring Randy Moss but an almost indefensible short drop, two-treed, Tight End offense. I get the feeling it’s the AFC’s year.

Giants: 24-23
Pats: 27-17

I also predict that West Coast Craig will win tomorrow, check him out.

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