Sportswise, Mayans Are Wrong: 2012 Has Been Good

LOS ANGELES, CA – I was going to write today’s post in remembrance of 2011, reflecting on what a crummy year it was, sports wise. I don’t know, maybe for you Packers, Bruins, Mavericks, and Cardinals fans it was just fine. For the rest of us, it was a year full of false hopes, dashed expectations, and ignominious ends. Sure, sure… That could describe any year for most sports fans and Ford owners, but there was a dark cloud hanging over this particular one. It was a year of incredulous labor strife endangering not one but two seasons, of thuggery and childish tantrums on the field or court, and nauseating perversion and scandal off.

It was a year in which this site’s most used picture subject went from Sofia Vergara to MTM Picture of the Year: Sexy Rexy.

Giants made playoffs? Must be the end of the world.

But why am I talking about the past? 2011 was a whole two days ago– the time to file those year-in-review stories has passed, and now one must look to the future. And it’s looking pretty good, despite what the Mayans might have thought. Here in La La Land it was sunny and in the eighties –  a great day to be outside – and that’s where I was instead of watching the garbage time of the NFLseason.

It’s been good to the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans so far, how else can you explain losing your last three games and still making it into the playoffs, backing in with a pronounced BEEP, BEEP, BEEP?

Unfortunately for the Jets, following a similar blueprint of losing three in a row didn’t work out so well, and Santonio Holmes is doing his best Keyshawn Johnson imitation.  The big news for most of the denizens of this site would be the Giants and Eli finally putting it all together in what was effectively the first playoff game of the year, and 2012 continues on for them.

MTM Picture Of The Year!

We get a Federal Holiday today, a bonus day of break for most of us before heading back into the rut of our everyday lives…and fortunately there’s no shortage of spots to watch today, with six bowl games including a rare Jan. 2nd Rose Bowl and a prime time Fiesta Bowl featuring the prize in Indianapolis’s successful Suck for Luck campaign.  There’s also an outdoor hockey game for first place in the Atlantic Division between the Rangers and Flyers, with a pushed-back start time meaning it could finish under the lights.

Surely the Mayans didn’t anticipate a day like this as they were making their human sacrifices, or they may have added a few more rings to that calendar. Plus, the best part is that we’re only about six weeks away from pitchers and catchers reporting.

Enjoy the bonus day, people, and remember the Mayans also predicted another stellar Grote2DMax post tomorrow.

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