Last Day Of March Sports Ramblings From Our Sports Professor

Oops, he's going right by me . . .

END OF THE ROPE, USA –  Linsanity has died down. A stubborn losing streak and horrific assist-to-turnover ratio will do that.

The Rangers are still being ignored. When you play over 80 regular season games and then let sixteen teams into the playoffs, not too many people care until after the first round of the playoffs. Their time will come.

Opening Night in Japan didn’t count. Not because it was in Japan. That part’s kinda cool. Because it was between two marginal teams, the Oakland A’s and the Seattle Mariners, and because it came a full week before the regular season actually begins on April 5th. Once again, MLB found a way to make no one care.

The NFL off-season melodrama surrounding the Saints isn’t that interesting a story.  hey had a bounty? Guess what . . . lots of teams have done that over the years. Yeah, sure, it’s wrong, but I’m not going to pretend I’m shocked, or even surprised. And no, I don’t really care if Bill Parcells comes in and does a half-assed job of coaching the team while Sean Payton spends his suspension making easy coin working in a television studio. The next thing to matter, the  draft, is still almost a month away, and even that’s a ridiculous hype job that’s become all but impossible to actually watch. NFL in March is meaningless.

A little Tuna Etoufee?

Final Four. Yeah, that’s pretty good.  If I still cared.  But ya know what? My brackets busted, I don’t have any skin in this game, and honestly, I’m bored with the slate of usual suspects. Nothing against teams like Kansas and Kentucky, but quite frankly, once you eliminate the gambling aspect, this thing’s a lot more interesting when you have a team like Butler, Virginia Commonwealth, or George Mason wearing a glass slipper. Instead, we just have the same old, same old, and it makes you wonder why there were 64 to begin with. Even the vaunted Louisville-Kentucky rivalry isn’t enough to rile me. You know why?  Not from Kentucky. Or anywhere remotely near Kentucky. Passed through there once on my way from Michigan to New Orleans. Very beautiful. And I don’t care.

So what have I got, here on the last day of March? An opportunity to enjoy some beautiful spring weather unencumbered by any spectator sports action. I don’t gotta pay no attention to nothin’. Just go out and enjoy the weekend. Crap. Looks like rain.

When’s the NHL post-season starting?  Go `Gers!

Cheesy Bruin is a bright ray of sunshine tomorrow.

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