Ryan Leaf Screws Up Again

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"Where'd it all go wrong?" - R. Leaf

Remember when the Indianapolis Colts were actually considering drafting Ryan Leaf ahead of Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator/Hall of Fame to be quarterback Peyton Manning? Well it’s a good thing the Colts went with the “safer” choice of Manning. Because let’s be real, if they choose Leaf they would not have two Super Bowl appearances since 2006 and one ring. The Colts would not have The House Peyton Built, formerly known as Lucas Oil Stadium.

But for a second, let’s consider if Leaf went number one overall and not Manning. Where would Eli have gone? And what about that guy named Phillip Rivers? Would Doug Flutie have stayed in Buffalo and took the Bills to more playoff appearances and maybe even a Super Bowl? That’s a whole lot of questions circling around two quarterbacks. And I’m sure that’s not even half of them.

So now we fast forward 14 years, and take a look at where Ryan Leaf is now. Wait, someone told me he’s in jail… For burglary and possession of drugs??? Wasn’t he already on probation for this back in 2008 after he stole from players he coached at West Texas A&M? Jeez this guy just keeps dropping down the rungs of life’s latter. He was just on ESPN saying how he changed his life and even wrote a book about it. Heck, I bought that book. And to think I even believed this chump.

But the real question is… Why does Ryan Leaf, who received a 4-year $31.25 million dollar contract with a $11.25 million signing bonus, need to steal to get prescription drugs? If he really needed them, couldn’t he pay some one off? And by suggesting this option, I am not saying it’s something worth doing. Because drugs are bad. But shouldn’t we assume Ryan Leaf has enough money that he doesn’t need to steal anything?

JaMarcus Russell

In all honesty I have never seen a bigger bust drop so far in life – Doc Gooden not withstanding. The guy won four games as a starter in three years in a Chargers uniform. I mean, even JaMarcus Russel won eight games in three years in the NFL as a starter for the Oakland Raiders, and that guy has the attention span of an anteater – I think they have a small attention span. And at least when JaMarcus Russell got arrested with drugs it was something cool, like Sizzurp. [Once again, however, I would like to stress that drugs are bad]. Anyway, J-Russ would fall asleep at team meetings had to be givem him breaks during meetings so he could focus as much as possible.

But back to Leaf…. Oh Ryan Leaf, how you have disappointed me… even more… again. As I Buffalo Bills fan, I can say pretty confidently that you are the reason Ryan Fitzpatrick is the my team’s QB;  he’s from Harvard – and Harvard doesn’t breed loose cannons.

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