All Right Already!

It’s Monday already. It’s June already. The year is half over already. It’s summer already. My kids only have a week of school left already.

The first round of inter-league baseball games is half over already, and the American League is by and large owning the Senior Circuit. The Yankees’ pitching has come together at the wrong time for the Mets, who made it until June 10th with a better record than the Bombers, but at least they were helped out by the Rays in sweeping aside the Marlins. No help from the Red Sox though, getting ignominiously swept by the Nationals. Is Bobby Valentine’s tenure over already?

It’s time for the College Baseball World Series already…and Long Island is being represented in Omaha with a nice little Cinderella run by the Stony Brook Seawolves. That’s great news for teams named after early 80s coin-op games. The East Carolina QBerts and the Central Rhode Island Berzerk. Alumni are happy their campaign to change their name to the Teen Wolves failed after the unfortunate Jason Bateman sequel.

Euro 2012 has started already…and fans of Ireland are already giving up. But who knows, now that Spain and Italy have tied, if the Irish can beat one of those teams they could advance…? I’m looking for any reason to keep my Guinness binge going this week.

Manny Pacquiao has lost already…though, like everything else that has to do with professional boxing these days, nobody can understand the rhyme or reason anymore. Does this decision have the chunky fingers of Bob Arum on it, hoping that the rhyme and reason means a Mayweather fight already? The real question is, who cares already?

It’s time for the NBA Finals already. Did I say “already?” I meant, “finally.” I know Oklahoma is, well, from Oklahoma (via Seattle…which, by the way, has to be the worst city transition for a team’s players, ever. I mean even Montreal playing half their games in Puerto Rico that year has to be a hundred times better than this), but is anybody actually rooting for Miami? Hasn’t LeBron developed the sentimental support of the nation yet? No?

The NHL Finals aren’t over already? Wednesday night the streets around Staples Center were packed with Kings Fans, cops (L.A. is no Vancouver, we know a thing or two about anticipating riots by now), and video game nerds (E3 was going on next door at the Convention Center), but nothing happened. Saturday night, despite the team being 3000 miles away, the streets were full of Kings Fans, cops, and old dudes in black t-shirts and their leathery dates for the Van Halen concert, and again the Devils snuffed out the party before it started. Tonight the streets around Staples will again be full of Kings fans and cops, but while the mood is still optimistic, if they don’t win tonight these people may just go nuts. Let’s riot already!

Starting the healing process will be Grote2DMax tomorrow.

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