The Booing Of Robinson Cano At Home Run Derby

Robbie Cano Dontcha Know!?!

KANSAS CITY, MO – We hit the midway point of the baseball season, which was marked by the Home Run Derby segment of the All-Star break – you know that event dominated by the New York Yankees. But for now that is besides the point.

The Home Run Derby was one to remember… but not for the reason you would think. Granted, this was a HRD for the ages quality-wise, with a great comeback by Detroit Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder, but that’s not what most people took away (well at least not what I did). The lasting memory of this year’s Home Run Derby was AL Captain and New York Yankee second baseman Robinson Cano being booed by the Kansas City Royals fans during his turn at the Home Run Derby.

No, Robbie didn’t pick hometown favorite Royal DH Billy Butler but come on. You really want to pick Butler over Fielder, Toronto Blue Jay stud Jose Bautista and Los Angeles Angel of Anaheim du Anaheim (or whatever it is these days) sophomore sensation  Mark Trumbo. If any one should be mad it should be fellow Bronx Bomber and guy with 64 homers in two seasons, Curtis Granderson.

Fielder, Bautista, and Trumbo finished 1,2,3 -in that order. What’s not to like? Fielder is so big he can probably hit a homer with one hand on the bat. Bautista leads the MLB in homers for the past two and a half years and Trumbo, well I don’t know about Trumbo. The guy is good – I’m saying he isn’t. But he is batting after Albert Pujols, so I’m sure most pitchers are a tad less focused after that at-bat.

What crossed the line for me Monday night was when KC fans heckled Cano’s family when they left their seats to go to the bathroom. That’s just wrong. It’s just as bad as when Yankee fans spit on Cliff Lee’s wife during the playoffs a couple years ago. She does have a frat face, though.

Don’t get me wrong, Billy Butler is a great player. Heck, he plays a big role on my fantasy baseball team, but let’s be real. He has 16 home runs on the season and you know who has more than him and wasn’t in the Derby??? People like Josh Hamilton, Adam Dunn (who can only hit home runs,) The Grandy Man, and Miguel Cabrera.

Now Bud Selig is considering requiring at least one participant from the home team to be in the Derby. Do we really want David Wright or Ike Davis in the Derby? Come on now people.

The only thing the Kansas City Royals and their fans should be upset with is that they are not more like the New York Yankees.

Different Matt, a fellow Yankee fan, tomorrow.

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