Hot Olympic Women: Lasting Olympic Memories

MTM HQ РWe got back from our two days on Fire Island (let the jokes begin) to find utter chaos in Mattville, not the least of which was an M.I.A. Saturday Morning Post. Seems The Public Professor was back in college mode, having too many spiked sarsaparillas  at that rathskeller. So we thought a good time-killer would be a quick sharing of a few of our lasting Olympic Memories. Here are: Hot Olympic Women:

Greece and poles…
Great seats!
Hey, we saw this during the Olympics! It counts!
Chest bumps!
The beautiful end….
Looking forward to Rio in 2016! Put your hands together!

There… We hope you’ve enjoyed our step back in time with our Hot Olympic Women… After a moment of thought, please leave your comments below and then go to The Public Professor’s column… Thanks!

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